Is this plant diseased?

Crenda SWFL 10AMay 9, 2014

I picked this plant up at HD last fall for $3.50. Maybe those on sale were already sick, or just abused It had deep red flowers on it. I repotted into a gritty mix so it would survive our wet Florida summers.

It has been leafing out, but the leaves look odd. I have been watching for aphids, mealies, etc., but so far so good on the buggy front..

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Crenda SWFL 10A

Here is a close up view. At first I was thinking this plant was a variegated variety, but now I don't think that. I have it in an 8-inch pot.

Any idea of what is going on and perhaps what I should do? Thanks!

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Vikki(7b / 8)

It does look like something is living on/in those leaves. color and distortion just isn't right.

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Hi Creda.

Before answering, I have to make several assumptions because there is no other information in your post: First, both your adenium plants are getting identical treatment (sun, water, fertilizer, potting material) and one is succeeding while this one isn't. Am I correct? I will also assume that your potting material is getting sufficient drenching from the rain you are getting.

If this is so then it must have pests that the other plant does not have. Whether you can see them or not, I suggest taking it out of the sun, putting it in bright shade and spraying it with neem oil. If you do not have it, use horticultural oil. Leave it there for the time being and spray again after three days, all over. A third treatment is probably a good idea, just to be sure. The logic is that if there are left-over eggs in the plant, they will die as you cycle the spraying every three days.

After the last spray, wait until it is all dried up and then slowly ease it back into the sun. Most people rinse their plants but I don't bother as long as they are dry when they are returned to sun exposure.

if that doesn't fix it, I would definitely prune it. You are in a warm sunny place, that plant will have no difficulty bouncing back if the problem is at the tips.

Other more experienced growers here will definitely have more ideas for you.


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Crenda SWFL 10A

You are correct that both plants get the same treatment and one is good and the other not so much. We are still in our dry season, but I do water plenty.

I do have neem and will inspect both plants since they are next to each other.. I have a breezy covered lanai that will be the perfect place. Thanks for explaining how to handle it. I am never quite sure which treatment to use on which plant.

Here's both plants. And I do believe both will be getting a trim soon. The white one is getting leggy, and I like the more compact look. Thanks again!

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Looking at the white flowering plant.
Are the leaves typically yellowing up to the further most point where blooms
May just me the photo and my eyes? Yellowing leaves on the lower extremities of the branch is normal, but question having them further up.
Just an observation,

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Crenda SWFL 10A

It's not your eyes. The leaves are yellowing. It may be my city water, since I am all out of rain water. I do water well about 3 times a week. Maybe I'm overdoing it, but the patio is quite hot, temps in the 90s and it has been quite windy. But given the state of it's neighbor, I think treating both plants is the smart thing to do.

Here's another look. The leaf tips get crispy (red arrow), sometimes before yellowing, and now I have seen something looking like insect damage in the center of another leaf (blue arrow).

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Those yellowing leaves, where they are is normal. Brown tips to leaves could be water related or fertilizer, but other leaves and flowers are not effected. Very nice white blooms. So pure..

Just inspect the plants (particularly one not in bloom) for insects, mealy bug white tufts in croach of branches or leaves. I think the white one is fine.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

Thanks, Rick! I will be on the lookout for problems.

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White singles! Creda you have excellent blooms.


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