New growth leaf damage

juniperbreaMay 30, 2012

Okay, So I got my adenium a few months ago, lost all the leaves, repotted and found a lovely spot in my house in a window that gets lots of indirect sunlight all day. I know its supposed to be in direct sun, but I don't have a place for it.

My DR seemed to be doing well, it seemed happy in its new medium and got a whole new set of leaves in very quickly, but now my new leaves are doing the same as the old did! brown edges that are dark on the very edge then yellowed in the center. Some of the leaves are not growing straight, but curve, or have holes in them... I am including some pics, they aren't the best but they are what I have to work with.

What could the problem be? I have not seen any evidence of bugs....

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I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to that, I'm really new at growing DR.

Until some others chime in, I was thinking of a couple of things, which you may have already thought of...since you're getting yellowing, my first thought is moisture - too much? Not enough? And since you're growing indoors, what kind of temps is the plant in? Is it getting consistent warmth? It also may not be getting enough light. Those are your main basics, aside from bugs.

As far as the holes / curved leaves - I don't know but on plumeria that is frequently a sign of thrips. However, indoors, the most common affliction to plants is spider mites but that doesn't seem to match your symptoms...I'll keep thinking about this one and hopefully someone else can chime in, but I really think moisture, warmth and sun are key here.

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