gibberellic acid,

somalenese(10a)May 8, 2014

Hi friends

I have a question (as always)

has any of you used gibberellic acid, on any seeds
or bulbs or plants to break dormancy

I purchased the salt but I'm not sure how to use it or should I say I'm scared to use on my dormant adeniums

kindly share the information

in the western countries it I'd sold as a spray
as say -
wake up spray
gibric spray

so on and so forth

by the way everyone seems to be busy these days
much less activities since one month...

probably everyone is busy in repotting businesses
searching for new specimens

Rick I'm busy with hypertrufas great idea
my paper pulp is ready...

thanks & happy gardening


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Hi Anurag,

Hmm....I only know of it being used in agribusiness for the production of seedless fruits. But when used improperly, plants develop a tolerance to it so the protocol involves complex hocus-pocus for that purpose.

Have you tried kissing your adeniums to wake them up? lol They'll wake up on their own, I would think. Plants know their stuff and they have their own clocks.


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I guess well said pagan

and I would certainly kiss them if I know it would work Lol


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