my adenium babies

ymaddox(ky 6)May 8, 2012

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Hopefully, after my seeds are delivered, I will reap what I sow....and I'll have me some new Adenium plants by the end of this summer.

I hope they germinate as well as yours did.

Happy growing.


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Ymaddox, they are so cute, and will get cuter as they get bigger with fat little caudexes.
I hope they grow fast for you to enjoy.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Well it looks like you have a veritable Adenium forest there, well done!! Hope to see them progressing well over the next weeks/months.
Gill from the UK.

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ymaddox(ky 6)

when temps maintain about 80 i will probably move them outside i have one single one outside now and it seems happy. I am currently growing 27 different varieties!!! they are everywhere like seymour off lil shop of horrors...feed me, feed me lol!

frank i got no less than 80% germination from those seeds as a rule and alot 100% germination. make sure you keep them nice and moist to start out...they won't grow unless moist... i got a 5.00 mister at big lots that you hand pump and i just mist them and they love it. and i got them in the 5:1:1 mix and my bark is a bit too big at times so i put a thin layer of potting soil just enough to cover the other mix...soaked the seeds for no less than 4 hours in warm water...layed flat...covered with another light dusting of potting soil just enough to cover, misted and they germinate like crazy...happy planting!!!

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A little adenium plantation you've got there! With fresh adenium seeds you should have almost 100% germination. The seeds don't have a long viability period and if they haven't emerged within a couple weeks they probably wont. Most of the time my adeniums are up within a week. I just use a high quality potting mix like Fafard, Happy Frog or Oceanforest for starting seeds. I don't switch to a gritty mix for quite a while. Good luck with your little guys.

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Ymaddox, nice babies!
Please keep us posted on their progress and happy growing!

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Looks like you got this growing seeds down pat. Good job ymaddox. Keep up the good work. Peg

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ymaddox(ky 6)

yeah i like wintersowing other seeds really makes winter bearable for sure :)

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Ymaddox, you are gonna be busy in about three months!

Here are the few that germinated in February for me--you're right about them making winter more bearable:

My fattest little caudex by far:

Gosh, they are cute when they're so tiny! Thanks, Laura, for those seeds! The two potted up together will go to my mom for Mothers' Day, along with a blooming mature DR.

Happy Mothers' Day weekend to all the moms out there!

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Jen, they look lovely and they're only 3 mths old? How I wish I could get that amount of growth in that time, but then I don't live in Texas do I!! They look lovely in those little Bonsai style pots and very healthy too. Well done!
Gill from the UK.

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Jen, you babies DR look very cute. Good job.
Happy mother's day to all the mother as well. I am very happy to be a mother, only wish that I have 9 kids instead of one. But very very happy with the one I have.

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ymaddox(ky 6)

jen if my babies turn out like yours i will be a very happy woman :). happy mothers day to all! Marie my oldest daughter fosters and it is so much fun...emotional at times but so much fun. she wants a bakers dozen lol they always need good foster parents...something to think about :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Jen,

So glad to see the babies looking wonderful. I knew they would do well in your care. Makes me happy to see that my seeds grew so fast for you!!! WHoo HOO! Makes me happy!!

You are doing a great job Jen!!!

ALways looking great!!!


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Thanks, guys! I gave the two potted together to my mom for Mothers' Day and she was delighted with them--made me very happy to see!

Gill, I know growing tropicals is very tough for you--and I got to witness firsthand over the Christmas holidays just how short your winter days are as we visited family in England--but you can grow things in the UK I can only admire from afar, like peonies and camillias. And hellebores. And beech trees the size of NYC office buildings! We get lots of sun here but my yard has about 6" of soil and solid limestone underneath. Plus critters! So, each of us has our consolations, I guess!

Laura, thanks again--if I ever get a seed pod from them I will be sure to pay it forward.

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Oh you guys are doing so well with those seedlings - you make it look effortless!!!

I also love your pots Jen, very nice! I figure I'll get some nice pots maybe next season when I'm (hopefully) not buying so many plants! LOL!

I planted 31 seeds last night. I was only able to soak them for about 3.5 hours, but then laid them on top of about 2 inches of soil or so (I wanted to make sure the heat mat could really keep them warmed up) and then sprinkled a very light layer of soil on top of them. I had pre-moistened the bottom soil so then once I laid them in I could just spray / mist the top soil. I misted them again this morning.

Wendy gave me several seeds but sadly I think I made a few mistakes and none of them sprouted. That's ok, that happened with my first batch of plumie seeds too and after that I was sprouting like crazy, so hopefully that's the case here too!

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Emily, the DR seeds Laura gave me took so long to sprout--a couple of months, I think--that I thought for sure they were goners, but eventually six of eight germinated. One withered away after a few weeks and the other five are doing great, so don't give up!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Y,

Wanted to see how your seeds were doing? How about the cutting? I hope it is rooting for you!!

Hi Jen, Emily!! Yiu all are doing great with your seeds!!!

Take care,


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A couple of months???!!! Oh Jen, the patience you have!!! The two you gave your mother are just precious, good call on that!

Thanks Laura! I've gotten some good sprouting even in this short of time - in only a few short days (4-5) I've got about 10 of them above the soil line with their seed coats off. I've pestered these as much as my plumie seeds, so admittedly I have "helped" the seed coats off once I see them kind of standing up. I was worried if they stayed on too long they would rot.

These are just too much fun!!! Y, how are your seeds doing?

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ymaddox(ky 6)

i will try to post pics middle part of next the next four days 12 hour shifts...they are coming right along though the ones that i have planted all the seeds of one variety in one pot seem to do better than planting clue why...maybe they like company ;)

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YM: Wow! Those are so cute!

Jen: Love your little guys, they made me feel all squishy inside!

How is that a plant can do that??? LOL


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