Experiment with rotting adenium

laurieinphxMay 24, 2014

Hello everyone:

In March, sad to say, one of my first adeniums developed root rot (I am still learning). I cut the entire caudex off, dusted with cinnamon and replanted on top of Styrofoam disc. Almost three months later I have roots! I replanted today.

Has any one tried this? Do the roots thicken?


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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Congratulations on saving your Adenium Laurie! Very sad about the rot, but at least you are enabling it to carry on and have an awesome experiment on your hands. Unfortunately they usually say that cuttings don't develop a large caudex but I've also heard that they can, it just takes a long time. That makes sense, as I'm sure those roots will thicken and grow eventually. I have one rooted last summer that I will be watching and raising through the years myself.

Good luck!


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Excellent job! I have not tried what you did (no patience) but my sister has two adeniums grown from cuttings---the caudex does not expand, only seed-grown plants do this. But the roots do get fat after a while and you can lift it eventually if you wish. Her plants happened to develop roots in a rather obscene way so she has so far kept them concealed out of modesty.

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Thanks Heather, good luck to you as well! Keep me posted on how it is doing.

Obscene roots? Hmmm...that will be just my luck - as payback. :)


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Laurie, it takes awhile for it to develop fat caudex.
Good luck to you.

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congratulations Laurie
great work you have attempted ROOT TRAINING

Take care of that guy and 5 yrs from now it will become the most beautiful specimen

just watering and caudex raising to be done

I call this blessing in disguise

thanks for sharing


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Thanks to everyone for their support. I guess patience is key!


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