Is it Dead of Alive

Betty LevarMay 31, 2012

I purchased a desert rose from Ebay from Thailand last August. It just sat there and never developed a leaf. It was grafted and had two branches. One shrivelled up and the other just sat there. I cut it off just below the two stems and it was still green inside. I unpotted it and everything is still firm. Is there any hope that this adenium will grow or after all this time do you think it is toast.

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Betty, because the time from Thailand to Canada took so long. Sometime it takes awhile to start grow again. Please post a picture/s for us to see.

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Betty Levar

Thanks Marie. I don't know how to post a picture but if you think there is still hope I will wait and see if it will grow. I am thinking if everything still feels firm maybe it is just slow. Thanks again.

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Betty did you cut off the grafted stem? If so what did you do with it? There's a good chance that it was just a long time in dormncy like Marie said. As long as the caudex and branches aren't rotting there's no reason to think that it won't eventually put out new growth. Also grafted plants are slower to put on new growth for me. Good luck.

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Betty Levar

Hi Karyn: I just cut off the dried up stem and the one adjacent to it. The main graft is still there (about 4" long). I probably should have left it alone but after all this time I thought I should have seen some growth in the plant, and when I did cut it there was live tissue. Should I water it now or not. I have been keeping it on the dry side and everything feels firm. Hope it makes it as they are not available to purchase where I live.

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I would water it with some root stimulator like B1 or Superthrive but allow it to dry out between waterings as you don't want to cause rot. Make sure it's warm but you don't need it in full sun. Not sure what your temps are up there but we're (DC area) unseasonably warm (hot!!!) here.

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Betty Levar

Thanks Karyn will do what you say as I do have Superthrive. Temps are not too warm so will keep it inside for now. Thanks for your advice I hope it comes to life soon. Betty

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