Dragon66(9)May 20, 2013

Hey all I got my first Adenium about a month ago, and when I bought it there was one flower opened and two others closed I guess waiting to open. Two days after I brought it home the flower closed and fell off. Like week later one of the other flower opened and within two days it also closed and fell off. Now all i have is two leavers left before the tree is bear. It gets east facing sun every morning, I'm also using a slow release fertilizer, is this normal until the plant gets used to it's new home or is there some thing that i'm not doing right? I'm going to try and get some pics but mean while any info or help would be greatly appreciated.


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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Hi and welcome. I'm pretty new also and in no way an expert in any way but in my experience it might be fairly normal when bringing it home and to a new environment. I have done this and everything fell off but the grew right back if taken care of properly. They can be picky and lose leaves easily sometimes. Something to think about also, a nursery grower once said to not fertilize with slow release when flowering, to do it before of after. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I'm sure it will recoup and be beautiful soon :)

Someone with more experience will hopefully jump in and set me straight if I am misinformed though.


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Hi Heather thanks for your input. Someone told me it could take up to 4-6 weeks before it's used to it's new environment. I guess I'll have to patient and wait and see.

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I think what Heather told you is correct that with the changes of environment
And conditions that the leaf lose can be normal. They should start to leaf out again fairly soon, as it sounds like you are not speaking of a bare rooted plant just potted which may take a bit longer.
In a climate with a longer growing season as Florida, Chris had mentioned to me that the slow release would be fine as well as regular weak fertilizing through out growing season. He suggested with my growing season being reasonably shorter to just go with the latter.
With it being in an East facing location in Florida. How much light and for what length of time is it receiving sun?
Introduce to extreme sun slowly and do not turn plant or you could burn the caudex.
Hope some of this helps. Many people on this site have been so helpful and free free giving with their knowledge.

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Thanks Rick, the plant is about 12" tall and It gets about I would say 4-5 hours of direct sun at which time is about noon. My porch is screened in though, not sure if that makes a difference. I also have had other plants at the same location and they seem to doing fine including some orchids. Attached is a pic of it right now.

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Hi Dragon,

Your plant looks ok, it should set new growth soon. Just remember that when not growing limit water and feeding! Don't know where in Florida are you, but down south in Miami DRs are fine in direct sun whole day (after some time of acclimating). One thing from my experience; they can rot from the roots in plastic pots especially if there is too much water retention in the pot. I have "fried" 4 smaller DRs in original nursery pots and mixes, when I took them out temperature inside was way to high and roots got damaged. Now all my adeniums are in clay pots!

Have fun, DRs are addictive!

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Thanks Aggie2,

I'm in Tampa and when I change the pot I'm assuming I have to change the soil also right?

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kodom087 z9a

Hello and welcome.

Your flower issue was probably from a little shock from change in environment/location. It will readjust quickly. I had bought some that had a open flower with more on the way. The others never opened and dropped off. But after it adjusted to it's new spot on my patio the new formed buds did open.

When you repot I would change the soil. I find that usually one the ones I buy the soil holds too much moisture and can quickly cause some root rot unless they have it in a good draining mix. I found some beginning stages of rot on a couple after I bought them and was repotting. I just do it any way for peace of mind.

Hope this gives you some good ideas and eases any worries.


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Hi Kirk,

I thank you for your info and I appreciate all the help with this new. My DR seems to be adjusting already, today I saw some new growth starting to pop out.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi there Dragon and welcome. Your new plant looks nice and I hope it continues to pick up once it's settled into its new home with you. Hope to see you posting pix of a plant bursting with blooms real soon!
Dont worry if you cant get all the exact ingredients named in the recipe, just use whats in your area but as near to the ones we have named in the gritty mix threads.... for eg, it may say 'grit' but granite chips even aquarium gravel will do, vermiculite works just as well as perlite I find....just don't use sand or peat.
Gill UK

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It's been exactly a month now and here is how my DR looks. I don't see any signs of bloom growth yet but hopefully it going to happen soon.

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Dragon, it is good looking plant, I hope it makes you very happy soon.

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Thanks Marie. It's making me happy already but when I get some blooms will be the icing on the cake.


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Ron (Dragon),
Your plant is looking awesome and so healthy. I am sure it will reward you with some blooms.

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Thanks Rick, I'm keeping my fingers crossed


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