Do we water the root stock after grafting ?

JasemMay 10, 2014

Hello all . Firstly i apologize for the double post . i tried to delete it , but i think should take me some more time to learn about GW. anyways ...
New to the forum and new to grafting . Searched for a couple of days and tried my first grafting today .

I did a V and a flat . And now hoping at least one survives .

ok so i have grafted scions onto branches and let one branch be there from the root stock. Is that ok ?

And I have moved my Adenium plant to a much shaded place . my main concern is ' Do i water my root stock ' ? and it yes how much and if no , till when and why should not i water ? Keen to learn more and try more . If grafts dosen't work i prune them . lalaa :P

Help me and soon i will try to post a picture of what i did to my plant.

Thanks everyone for your time and responses :)

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I don't water the root stock until you see the new spout comes. Remove the plastic if you use plastic.
I read that from the big nursery from Thailand and Vietnam.

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Ok. So its been 3 days and I did not water my root stock. But the plastic is on. I read that it aids the healing process and hence can sprout faster. And also read , remove the plastic after the first leaves come out. Correct me someone.

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The plastic holds moisture for the scion, but when new sign of leaves, it time to remove the plastic.
Please show us pictures.
Good luck.

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here is the plant. Close ups of the graft will follow

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Did a V with this one

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A flat grafting. I dont know if I did it wrong or right. But still I can feel those scions are greenish. Makes me feel like they are still alive.

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And here is my new adenium Baby. Bought it yesterday. Was super root bound. Freed them up. Cleaned and raised little bit to expose the caudex. Unfortunately , I didnt click a picture of that. In shaa Allah next time. :D

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I have some questions... Jasem, hi long since you have been growing adeniums and how many do you have? long have you been following GW ? you have any grafting experience in the past ?
4.can you disclose your source of grafting knowledge?

I don't ask these questions to discourage you but to know the depth of your interest in the subject, so that when experts advice you they will know where to begin and end.

thank you for posting the snaps I'm always greedy to see more & more adeniums Lol

my take
1.your choice of root stock was not very good.
2.I think you should either trim the un grafted branches or you should graft them also so that the energy of the plant is diverted to helping the grafts only .

but I'm no expert just a hobiyest fighting along with my container plants to make them survive , Lol

and congrats for your guts to attempt this essential technique I hope you succeed.

thanks for posting ...
Anurag Vyas

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