'Hand-Pollinated' Seeds....How True?

bronxfigsMay 2, 2012

If a hybridizer hand-pollinates two named varieties of Adenium flowers is there any percentages that the resulting progeny, when flowered, will look anything like the original flowers? Are the genetics behind some of Adenium flowers so complex that any seedlings, resulting from a calculated cross, will be totally unpredictable?


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I always hand pollinate my brugs. The resulting cross may or may not resemble the parent, usually not. I believe the same holds true for adeniums.

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On a scale from 1-10...in my mind...Adenium rate about a 5. Half good, half bad.

Can't grow true from seed....bad
Can't, or, difficult, for cuttings to root....bad
Rooted cuttings will not develop a fat, gnarly caudex....bad
Beautiful flowers....good
Interesting roots and caudex...good
Grafted named-plants available...good
Relatively easy to grow...good

With all the demerits, I'll still grow some selected plants, but I doubt that I will become a fanatic. My interests are in rootage, caudex formation, and branching. Only one of these aspects might be trainable...the branching.

So, "hand-pollinated" seeds.... another big zero.


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