help needed for desert rose ASAP please

kellidubyaMay 23, 2013

Hello, I have had my desert rose plant for 6 years now. I love it and I would be devastated if I lost it. One of the pieces coming out of the pot just turned squishy and started to drop its leaves.

I am beginning to question whether this might actually be two plants. I would take it out of the pot and check, but I am scared that I might "shock" the good parts. The part that has the damaged base (where its green) is the "stalk" that is squishy. I cut it a few years back so that it wouldn't be as "lanky" looking, but that only seemed to make that worse.

I am sure that I am not using the exact right substrate, but like I said, I have had it for six years. Any advice on further action, re-potting, substrate, checking to see if it is two plants, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated. I do not want to lose this plant. Thank you so much :)

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another picture of my plant

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kodom087 z9a

I'd repot in a very well draining mix. Like a cactus/palm mix. As for the squishy (if it's all the way though the stem) all you can do is cut down until you see white but clean the blade with each cut to help from spreading what ever may be causing the rot. If all that squishy stuff came off without cutting you can let it heal on it's own and it'll scar over as it dries. You can try to root the stem that you had to cut off if you cut until you see white on it and then let it heal a day or two. I just rooted 5 cuttings pretty easy to my surprise.


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Is it getting enough sun? It appears as though it is reaching for light. Also, it is hard to tell but the soil looks really heavy with the potential of holding way too much water which might be causing your rot. I would do as Kirk says and plant it in a lighter soil and perhaps slowly place it in more sunlight.

Good luck.

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What are those heavy loads on the plant?

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greenclaws UKzone8a

I too would get it out of the soil its currently in and into a new pot of gritty free draining mix and gradually move it towards more light as it appears to be searching for the sun. This would also show you if you have 2 plants there.... which I personally think you have as Adeniums are not naturally multi trunked below the ground like that. I would separate the squishy one and pot it up on its own so it does not affect the other one (assuming you have 2 plants that will come apart)afer you have cut it back down to clean wood as the others have suggested. Maybe you might even be brave enough to hard prune the other tall one as seen in other threads on here. It should then push out new branchesmuch lower down from the old leaf scars, given a little time to recover first. Yes, it will be a shock for the plant/s but far better than losing one or both from the problem you have now. Hope this helps :)
Gill UK

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Thank you all so much!! I will post an update

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

Who knows you may even find its just the one plant and it has a giant caudex under the ground with those two stems coming up...will be keen on seeing it repotted :)

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I purchased a desert rose from Logee's and I'm having trouble with it. As soon as I got it, I repotted in a gritty mix. New growth appeared immediately and I was excited, but all of a sudden growth stopped. No change in months. Leaves are green, but not getting bigger. Now the caudex is getting softer and softer. Is it too late to save it? If it's not too late, what do I need to do?


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Hi Jen,
Will ask a few questions so that others can see and post replies.
When did you purchase?
Did you water it in right after potting up in gritty mix?

New growth is good. If it stopped or slowed, this can be normal as it is early in growing season.

What is your climate like where you grow them?
Is it in full sun or filtered light and for how long?
You say the caudex is soft. Pliably soft is fine and can be that it needs a drink.
If mushy soft and has progressed, you may want to Unpot and check out further.
Let everyone know and I know they will assist you.

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Thanks for responding Rick. I'm not sure the exact date, but it was late summer when I got it from Logees. I can't recall if I watered it right away. I'm new to gritty mix so I'm still trying to learn how often to water. I have it by a window and it gets sun all day--not always direct sun. Indoor temps are about 65-70 during the day, 63-65 at night. Out of fear I took it out to examine it. Looked pretty good. I didn't really see a lot of rot but cut some out anyway. I let it and soil dry out then dipped it in super thrive before re potting. It's boarder line soft and mushy and the skin was starting to wrinkle which made me nervous. I now took out a grow lamp too. I'm trying everything.

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Hi Jen,
It takes a bit to get used to the Gritty Mix at first if you are used to a peat/perlite based mix. The Gritty Mix is definitely excellent for growing these in my conditions.

I have had a few bare root Adeniums I potted up and went through them being soft and wondering whether I should water and did not, then gave them a drink and they firmed up after a few days. I realize that these are all individual to there needs sometimes. Have one variegated plant that gets soft so easily, give it a drink and it firms up. This one has me stumped.
I do believe that you can let them go beyond and dry back too much in this gritty mix and then the fine feeder roots desiccate.
I do not want to confuse you.
Atleast with this gritty mix, there is very little to no chance of purched water as Al always states.
If you are able to post a photo, do so.
Hope some of this helps,
Don't give up.

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Here's a pic. I soaked in super thrive last night.

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