Not convinced this is an Obesum

karyn1(7a)May 26, 2012

The foliage and shape of the stem of this plant is so different then any of my other obesums. I'll take a pic of the stem later. The foliage is consistantly narrower, a different green with very prominent white veins. The stem looks like a Hershey's kiss at the base and tapers to a long thin main stem. I haven't pruned it yet but it's still different looking then my obesums that haven't been pruned that are the same age.What other variety could it be?

The 1st is the plant in question followed by several other obesums that have slightly different foliage and a variegated plant.

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I noticed a lot of variability with adenium leaves. There are two distinct shapes: spoon like (narrower at the base then wide with little point or indentation) or narrow lancet shaped with sharp point. I have seen both types as glaborous or pubescent, although narrow ones seem to be lighter green with visible veins. I tough it could be swazicum hybrid grafted on obesum as a root stock.
I have two with this kind of foliage; one for almost 2 years now, it's branches are thinner than others:

And this new plant:

Both are grafts.

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The plant in your 1st pic's foliage is definitely similar. This isn't grafted. It's a seed grown plant. All my adeniums have glabrous foliage. I don't know if I've even seen a fuzzy DR leaf.

BTW I saw the pics of your new DR's, very nice. The first bloom looks so much like a mandevilla. If I hadn't known it was a DR and only saw the flower I might have thought it was. You can really see the Apocynaceae family resemblance with the two.

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Karyn, adenium leaves have many shapes.
Aggie, your grafted plants are beautiful.
I love them both. I did have these two colors but both died last year and year before.

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