1 adenium with 4 colors bloom (For Frank)

ltran54(9)June 16, 2012

To friends who read this thread, enjoy.

To Frank, I know you like the dark red velvet type bloom on adenium. I am proud to show you this plant with 4 different color blooms on it. It this the first time I see 4 colors bloom at the same time.

1- Dark red velvet (grafted)

2- Santa Clause (grafted)

3- White with red border (grafted)

4- Hot pink with round patel (mother plant color)

The next 2 desert rose I already post last month with other big pots, but they weren't in full bloom. I hope all of you don't mind to see them again in full bloom.

This small pot with bonsai type, with white, and red as mother. (only one red bloom already fall off)

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Goodness me Marie, yes we DO mind you posting these pics as we are all turning green with envy, lol!! This is what we are all trying to achieve, but sadly I doubt if the majority of us ever will, I for certain can't as I'm still awaiting my first flower!! You will all hear about it loud and clear when it does happen btw!
Those are some truly awesome plants you have there yet again. Firstly the quadruple coloured one looks lovely and then when you look at the size of some of the others. I know photos can be deceiving depending on the angle it's taken but how big are they please, they look huge?

Amazing, fantastic etc etc, thanks for showing us what IS possible. I'm just going to ponder over my plants and tell them rather firmly to get a move on........or else, lol!

Gill from the UK.

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Just Gorgeous as always Marie. As Gill said we are green with envy. That is what we dream about. Thanks for sharing them with us. Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Simply Gorgeous!!! SIGH...


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Just saw the beautiful photos of the 4-in-one plant. Very pretty color combination, and the white plants are also beautiful. The dark, red-velvet is especially nice.

You are a very accomplished grower and the results of all your efforts are a sight to behold.

Thanks for the beautiful boquets.


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Beautiful DR's! That multi color grafted plant is very cool. Did you do the grafts yourself?

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Thanks Gill, Peg, Laura, Frank and Karyn.
Karyn, I bought it that way 4 years ago. I was very surpised to see it with 4 colors.
First year was too small.
Second year bloom only with dard red velvet.
Third year, (got stolen)
This is 4th year with 4 different colors bloom at the same time.
Thank you all....I will post more soon for you all to enjoy. Marie

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

got stolen? :O how did you get it back? WOW! these are some beautiful plants. I love the one with lots of white flowers and the dark red velvet flowers on your 4 colour bloom plant...simply amazing! :)


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So beautiful!!!!!

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Thank you Sarah and Yumtomatoes.
Sarah, Do you want to hear how I got it back? By accident but I pretty sure who took it from me.I was very glad, now I keep all my desert rose in the back yard.

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

yes yes u must tell us the story!...im so interested now!....they are very beautiful...can understand someone stealing it but still not a nice thing to do >(


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Here is the story. (long story short)
One weird couple and the lady's mother came to the library where I work and wanted to buy some seedlings from me. I didn't have good feelling about them, but I took them home. They bought 6 seedlings for $30 ($5/each, egg size caudexes).

I kept about 20 pots at the front yard and they knew this was the most expensive plant because it was in bonsai shape with multi colors plant.(This was Friday).

Sunday, the plant disappeared. With all plants in the front, why this one but not all others? I was sad for long time.

I walked one hour each morning with friends, and last year we (my friends and I) changed to different trail. First morning on the new trail, I accidently saw the elderly lady watered her plants in the back yard. From the distance, I couldn't see very clearly, but they also had many desert rose.

Few weeks later, the same couple came back to the library to check out some books. I casually mentioned to them that I now knew where they lived, because I saw her mother watered the plants in the back yard on one of my morning walk.

The next morning (Easter Sunday) when I got home from Sunday service, the plant was at my front door. I miss it so much, I was screaming so loud. My husband, my son and my mother normally went inside from the garage door, but I never go in right away. I alway wondering for few minutes looking at my plants, before I go inside. When I saw it, I screamed so loud, made my husband, son and mother ran right back outside to see what was going on. I was so happy to see the plant. It looked terrible without much care, but within 2 months. It was back normal healthy looking plant.

They are regular customer at the library, but they now went to different library instead of the one I work.

Happy ending.

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

WOW! thats just crazy! They must have known that youd think it was them so how would they even be able to come back to the library knowing they may run into you? Also if it was me i would have gone to that womans house once i knew where she lived at like 3.00am and try and find the plant. :P but anyway they must have felt guilty and brought it back. Good thing too coz thats just horrible. They must have been really jealous...I dont know why someone would bother stealing a plant in the first place let alone taking it when they would know it was you? well im glad the plant is back home and getting cared for properly again :) and its a good thing you keep them all in the backyard now :)

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Marie, that is one of the best stories on gardeweb, ever! I have to say you played it very well, casually mentioning to the couple that you knew where they lived and so forth.

But best of all you got the plant back!!!!

On the plumeria forum the other day, someone had a tree chopped apart and stolen. I really worry about Adeniums because they are relatively easy to walk off with.

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Marie...Wow! First of all let me get the drool of of my face so I can think...those plants are just incredible! It's nice to see what I can do with a little bit of tenacity! At least I HOPE I can do that. I'm just amazed!

Second, that story was really amazing as well. I can't imagine having something like that happen. When people steal from me, they usually wind up moving just as I figure out where they lived and I never see my things ever again. I'm so glad you got your plant back! Good story, and it IS good to read about a happy ending for a change.

I look forward to more photos!!!

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Thank you, thank you ......Sbrow, Irun and Blondmyk. This pot is forming so many buds now.....I hope they will open before the weather is too cold.

I am afraid of the weather, only beginning of Oct. and it drops to 61 degrees today...
Take care desert rose in the winter is not fun at all, especially I have too many...


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americangolden(ZONE 5B)

Wow you have some amazing plants! I hope to someday have a Adenium Obesum that beautiful. Congratulations!!

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Marie, I haven't been on the forum in a long time, but I sure am glad I ran across this old post with your story! What a story! I always wondered when you first mentioned it what made those people give your plant back after so long. Amazing! How did they know that you sold seedlings in the first place?

The stories I hear of plant theft are incredible, and they mostly involve neighbors because, of course, neighbors begin to covet the plants they see often. Crazy and sad, because often if they just asked they'd find that growers will sometimes sell or even share cuttings from their favorite plants.

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Tracy33183(FL 10)

What an amazing story with a happy ending! Glad to hear you got your plant back! Shocking! Thank God!

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I thank you Americangolden, Jandey, and Tracy.
@ Americangolden, it takes few years and patient to get big adenium you want, so hang on.....

Jandey, many patron who comes to the library knows that I love gardening and most of the things I grow are DR, so they ask from time to time if I sell the seedlings. That year I had about 120 seedlings, so I let some go knowing I can't take care for them during winter months.

3 out of 4 colors on this pot were blooming last week, but the cold front made it looked burned.

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