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dourbestJune 9, 2013

I bought my first adenium at China Town last year and am in love with these plants. Anyways I can't find them locally in my town. I did try asking Lowe's to order some. I went back to Lowe's two weeks later and they said they did get them in but sold out pretty quickly. Anyways, I want to try growing them from seed, but I don't know of any reputable sites. Please advise.
Thank you.
I did look at amazon but was not sure if the seeds would be fresh enough from them. As for ebay, my first and only time was a disappointment. I would order from Brad's Buds and Blooms but they do not have any according to their website.

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On eBay there are a few that I have been very happy with for germination. Cannot speak for flower as yet.
Adeniumcenter (Kukuan), Adenium_ko , tw-adeniums (Orient Adeniums, Rinoa)
Hope this helps,

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jv44(Zone 4 MN)

If you don't want to go through Ebay, I can vouch for adeniumseeds.com It is in Thailand and the owner's name is Kesorn--he is very helpful and friendly.....and his seeds are very fresh--I got 100% germination from several types of arabicum and Thai socotranum seeds from him and slightly less on others. You can see some recent photos on my recent posts here. I also just got a couple more on Ebay from Kukuan (adeniumcenter) and he seems very good too.

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Thank you for replying so quickly. I will look up those ebay sources and check out adeniumseeds.com.

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I bought few seeds on eBay from Adenium Ko and Rinoa and germination had been exceelent
going by development of seeds hope that I am going to get different plants and not the normal pink
You may give both a try

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Update do not buy from exotic_cactus_collection ( USA Seller ) on ebay. I purchased the Adenium somalense maron star seeds and none of the sprouted. I noticed when I got the seeds ( they made mistake with order first time and I got suspicious ) When I got the second order ( due to their mistake) All of their seeds compared to the seeds from Thailand looked old and dried up. They did not look fresh at all ( so I already knew they would not sprout but sowed them anyways )

The seeds from Adeniumcenter are the fastest sprouters then Kingadenium lastly Mr. Ko seeds. All are fresh and doing well. The germination rate on all of the Thai sellers have been great so far. I ordered a large amount of seeds from each seller and Mr.Ko and Adeniumcenter really hook you up with extra seeds ( I think Kingadenium gave extra seeds per pack also but can't remember at the moment ) . I really liked the gesture :) Adeniumcenter and Kingadenium sent me 1 bonus seed pack.

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jv44(Zone 4 MN)

I still have one small batch of 30 seeds coming from Adeniumcenter, haven't tried Kingadenium or Mr. Ko.....maybe next year as I have plenty of little seedlings to deal with right now. I got extra seeds in each packet (including the Thai socos) and a free bonus packet from adeniumseeds with excellent germination rates for all of them. From what I've seen of the huge numbers of mother plants the Thai sellers use to produce their seeds (and the corresponding numbers of seed produced--year round because of the ideal climate) I think it would be relatively easy for them to keep and sell only the freshest seeds and trash the old. This would also apply to Mr. Ko and Rinoa in Taiwan.
My only experience with buying seed from a US source was a single packet of 5 seeds from exotic_cactus_collection (A. arabicum "Shada") and only one germinated--they also sent a bonus packet (5 seeds) of A. obesum "Spindrift" and none of them germinated. My conclusion is the same as yours Voodoomagic--old seed.

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Thanks for confirming that exotic_cactus_collection sells old seeds. I looked in my tray this morning and 1 seed is sprouting out of 30 seeds :/ that is a very poor germination rate.

I have bought a lot of seeds from all 3 sellers so I will have plenty to take care of once they get bigger. I will post pictures as they grow and hopefully get blooms this year in greenhouse.

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