white residue on my new adenium's leaves

egyronin(6B-7-BK,NY)June 18, 2013

Hi all there,i bought this DR yesterday after lots of searching for it in NYC area.i love this plant something about it captured me.maybe my north African origin.i guess it is adenium obesum.am i right?
anyway i repot it after a light root pruning and raising it a bit-in a Gritty mix.i notice it had the white residue on the leaves when i bought it.it wouldn't rub off when i tried to wash it with soap and water.can anybody help me with this?is it a white mildew?how to treat it?i hope i don't loose this plant,i LOVe this plant.

My other question after repot in the gritty when do you water it again?1 week or this is kinda too long in this weather?share your experience with watering and fertilizing.planning to water daily once the roots heals but how long should i wait.BTW any suggestion on styling or whatever is much appreciated. i much apologize for the million question.

here is some pics.thankx a lot to however take the time and answers my questions.


Here is a link that might be useful: PiCS

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The whitish hue on leaves is a residue from something in the water and when water dried it left this appearance. Nothing to be concerned about.
As for when to water in. I would hold off for 3-4 days and then water in with plain water. Keep in a filtered light and warm location.

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u think?i checked the leaves underside there is nothing out of place.nice thankx Rick for your time.
oh are these roots that is coming out from the base bottom,gonna develop to be thick roots?should i cover them to develop more and become thick?

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I am confused. You had mentioned that you did a light root pruning. When you speak of roots coming out from the base bottom. I am assuming that these are now beneath the new soil in the pot you repotted it into?
They will become larger (thicker) over time and more will be visible as you raise it every couple years or so.
If you raised it a bit when potting it will be fine. Make sure that the caudex does not burn in hot sun and leave in one position when it is acclimatized to sun (when settled after potting) as turning can result in the caudex getting burnt.

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rick thankx for all your help.it was nice of you to take the time an answer my question.

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The white residue on the leaves is most probably the residue of a fugicide or a miticide spray. They will disappear over time provided it's exposed to rain.

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Tolip:thankx for taking the time to answer my question.it does look like a fungicide.well we get lots of rain in the summer not like the tropics by any means but it is quite a lot.

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