There are air bubbles growing on my adenium...

54641210dJune 17, 2013

This guy has been having trouble since coming into my home. He's drinking water, but his wrinkles are still there and now there's noticeably large air pockets forming under the skin, as well as on the roots. Take a look:

What should I do? It's very soft, but there's no signs of rot. There's a bunch of air bubbles and the poor guy is shriveling up.

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Also sorry about the quality of the photos. I'll post better ones when I come back from work.


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kodom087 z9a

I have no clue so I have no advice, unfortunately. I hate that such a nice plant is giving you this problem.

I had a seedling I was doing an experiment with. I totally cut off the bottom side of the caudex where the roots were to flatten it out. I wanted to try to see how successful I'd be as the ones you see in the pictures with all the roots circling around the base. It started to shrivel very badly and stayed that way for about two months. It never felt squishy but I thought it was just drying out completely. Then all of the sudden one day the shriveled up base and stem started to fatten up. And then within a week it was all filled out like nothing had ever happened.
I had considered it a lost cause but didn't have the heart to just toss it out. These things are way more tough than I ever imagined.


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