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karyn1(7a)June 4, 2012

Hi. I didn't connect your username until I saw the pics of your fabulous collection. I'm hoping that you can ID this pachy for me. I've had it for a couple years but it never had a tag. Thanks

(click to enlarge)

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Karyn, looks like a prickly hand-grenade to me!
Gill from the UK.

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Karyn1, It's hard to tell which species it is at this stage as it is still a young plant. However, if I was to take a guess I would say it is either Pachypodium lamerei or Pachypodium geayi. Below is a photo of one of my Pachypodium lamerei so you can compare it with your plant.

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Thanks. It certainly looks similar. It's only about 5" tall so far. It's late breaking dormancy this season. Not sure if it was this slow last year but it's just now putting out foliage. My other pachys broke dormancy several weeks ago.

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Karyn, it is so cute and looks just like hand-grenade, (Gill said) only it hurts when you touch it.
Did it ever bloom?

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So far no flowers. I think my only pachy that's bloomed is the bicolor. The spines are super sharp. Speaking of sharp this pachy almost caused a car accident. I was taking it from the farm GH to the house and put it in the passenger seat because the baby was in the back. I took a turn too hard and it landed on my right side with me in shorts and a tee shirt. OUCH!!!!! Definitely a stupid move on my part.

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Karyn, OUCH was the right word....

I repot one plant for my friend last year. It was 10:30 pm when I took it to her house only 3 blocks away. I left it in the back seat in my brand new car (only few days old). It tipped over and made a huge wet muddy mess. I had to turn around and spent next 30 minutes cleaning the car and again repot the plant the second time. Poor my brand new car...

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That stinks but at least you got the first mess out of the way. It's makes the others easier, kind of like the first door ding. I remember I'd just bought a brand new convertible and thought I was so cool (I was 21 or 22). It was a beautiful day so I went to visit a friend to show off my new car. She lived in a basement apartment so I didn't realize that we were having a downpour. Yes, my new car was flooded with a couple inches of water : (

I just got a variegated COT. The foliage is really pretty, lots of color, not just green and white. It's a bit beat up from shipping but I'll take pics when it recovers.

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