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CoyoteMossJune 22, 2013

Hi Yea, hope everyone is having a great day. Having concerns here about all the rain. Over a month ago the night time temps got up enough to move all my adenium out of the greenhouse to the plant bench. I have NOT had to water them a single time since doing this. Each week it's rained for a few days, cloudy overcast almost all the rest. Maybe had ten days of sun without rain. Next week scattered showers predicted each day. Soil mix drains well and surface pot soil will appear dry, but sure the internal soil is still damp.
Do you think this will be a major problem? Any suggestions? Really hate to have to carry them all back and forth to the green house to protect from rain.

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If your temperatures stay very warm at night it may be okay, but the consistent moisture and not being able to dry back could be an issue.
Too bad you could not erect a roof type structure with plastic for a short period to save having to move back inside.

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Hello CoyoteMoss, I think they are going to be okay. This is late June, so I don't think any more problem since the weather is warmer now.

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Just finished building a temporary plastic roof over my adenium bench. Rain from the north for several weeks, Rain from the west for several weeks and when not raining cloudy days. Now for past week rain from the south everyday and 10 day forecast calls for min 30% chance of rain and most days are marked at 50 - 60%. Moved them out of the greenhouse in April and have not had to water them a single time yet. Had one of my favorites rot and not sure of the condition of several others.

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We had an unexpected downpour early this morning and I didn't have time to cover the small DR's (and cactus'). My plants are on the south facing deck and get plenty of sun, but when a lot of rain or several days of rain is expected, I place this basement window well dome over them to prevent them from getting too wet. The clear plastic domes are not expensive and I could connect 2 of them together at the center to create a "stand-alone" version rather than the "lean-to" method I'm using now. The picture was taken this evening so the light is a little low, but you get the idea...


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