New seeds arrived today!

jv44(Zone 4 MN)June 22, 2013

I got a couple of packets of seeds from Kukuan (Adeniumcenter) via "Buy it Now" on Ebay.....they were shipped June 10 and arrived today. This has been typical for seeds that I've bought from Thailand--they take roughly 2 weeks to get here. So now I've got 10 seeds of Thai soco "Chada Petch" and 23 seeds of Dwarf Black RCN a free bonus packet of 10 seeds of A. obesum "Aurora". Now I just have 2 packets of seed coming from Mr. Ko to wait for.

Mike in MN

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Mike,,,,your second full time job is coming....soon.
Have fun with them.

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jv44(Zone 4 MN)

Very true, Marie--I still have to figure out the best and most economical lights to use for my adeniums indoors after the summer. Meanwhile I'm busy re-potting all my babies from community trays into single containers--mostly using styrofoam cups and small coir pots. I'm having fun despite recovering from hernia surgery (June 11) at the same time!

Mike in MN

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Hi Mike,
Your are going to have a nice group of plants.
I used the High Out-Put T5 Flourescents this past winter for my seedlings and they did very well. I watched the hydro bill in comparison to years past not using the lights and it was barely noticeable in cost.
I used 3 x 4' tubes on 6hrs./day to extend the daylight hours.
Very happy with results.


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kodom087 z9a

Congrats on your seeds! I can't wait to see pics of how your dwarf black rcn develop.


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jv44(Zone 4 MN)

Thanks Kirk--I sowed them last night, believe me, I'll take photos as they grow! I just HAD to have something dwarf AND black!
And Thanks Rick--HO T5's are what I was thinking of using, maybe paired with the latest tech, LED lights of the same 48" length. I'm not sure at the moment how many I'll need, maybe 2 of each--or twice that depending on how big my seedlings get over the summer. So my electric bill may be somewhat even toying with the idea of having a couple of solar panels installed to take up the slack! We'll see how it goes....

Mike in MN

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