Help me save my Adenium!

cathy7phamJune 4, 2012

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me save my adenium. My mother has had this plant, desert rose, for over 10 years and has recently given it to me. I absolutely love this plant so when i took it in I repotted the plant to a larger one because it was just too big for the old. Without reading much into it, I pruned some of the roots and raised it above its normal soil level, and set it aside for about 2weeks now. But recently, we have had a few days of rain, I tried to hide it as best I could but to my dismay, this morning found that the main root has rotted. There are still some good roots left, the leaves are still in tacked and buds are still forming, please, is there anything I can do to save it? I can't really cut out the rot because that will mean cutting the plant in half.

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Cathy, I may be wrong but IMHO the only way to save it it's to cut all rotten parts, disinfect it, treat with anti fungal and keep it dry until it calluses over, then pot it in to a dry mix and wait with only misting. I guess, you pruned roots and repotted right after, so there were not healed exposed cuts covered with soil and all bacteria and fungal spores could get in. There are experienced DR growers here who will most likely give you advice soon.
Good luck, Aggie

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I do the same thing that Aggie suggested. I take a sharp clean knife (wash it with bleach) and cut out all the rotted tissue then dust it with a fungicide and allow it to dry completely. As long as there's enough healthy tissue remaining and the rot doesn't spread this usually works well. Good luck.

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Thanks everyone, I guess I'll gather up my wits and dissect my poor plant, can't see what else I can do wrong. I've plucked off all the buds hoping the plant can put all it's energy into healing. Fingers crossed!

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ymaddox(ky 6)

if you look on you tube when they cut the roots they leave them out to dry for some time...i would research it!

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