New to adeniums

disneyhorse(10A)June 24, 2013

So I've been drooling over some of the pictures here... I've never seen one in person though. Every year I collect a new plant to learn about and this year is plumerias. I've got rooted ones, cuttings, and ones I've started from seed a couple months ago.
I'm thinking next year will be adenium for seeds and such.
Well this morning, my friend recently got a job at a hardware store and texted me that they just got some adenium in (I had mentioned to her that I would like an adenium).
So I went over and picked two out. My friend thought they were bigger, and I know they do get bigger, but these look like young plants.
So I know they are like plumeria and like lots of sun and well draining soil.
But when can I repot these babies with their caudexes raised up? I think the caudexes are what is attractive to me, not the flowers...
And can I pot them in a clay pot, or should I get a glazed one? I'm not a fan of the cheap plastic pots.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Welcome Disneyhorse. I remember being at the Land in California and watching the horses walk up and down Main St. Oddly I thought they seemed content. Anyway welcome. Those are sweet looking plants. I too am new and the most of mine are small guys. I have learned a lot here and they are addictive, but in a good way. Paula

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I'm sure they are addictive... I started with plumerias a few months ago and now there's a dozen rooted plants, a dozen cuttings, and two dozen seedlings in the backyard.... Plants are addictive!

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I would pot them up into your new pots now. Clay pots are perfectly fine.
Make sure not to raise up too much and make sure you acclimate to the sun so that the caudex and newly exposed portion does not burn from sun.
Keep in same position once conditioned to sun, turning can result in sun burnt caudex. Seems that most of the store bought Adeniums are in a more moisture retentive soil. Use a free draining mix.
Those are very nice plants.

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Disneyhorse, those are nice short and fat plants, yes it time for their new home. I hope they give you many relaxing moments.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Nice to see you here too!!! ;-)

We love our Adeniums and we have many knowledgable people here to help and they are warm and friendly too!!!

You could do a search about raising Caudex"s here., I have posted several thread about raising them and I will say the first time is the most difficult. They are very resilient plants and can take a lot... Don't be afraid to lift them like Rick and Marie mentioned. I repot when I feel they need it. I also like to use clay pots for my DR's. the fast draining mix is the key as well.

Good luck and welcome to the Adenium forum!!


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There seems to be a lot of perlite in the soil they are in now. My plumerias are in cactus mix/perlite blend and it seems to be okay. We get pretty hot summers and not much rain seasonally.
I'm thinking an azalea pot might be shallow enough? But not sure I can find a tiny enough one. These plants have pretty substantial roots and almost seem root bound a little. I've seen photos of your adenium in shallower pots, is that better?

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kodom087 z9a

Hi there and welcome, Disneyhorse!

Azalea pots are great for adeniums in my opinion. Especially if you have a hard time finding more of the bowl shaped pots. The shallow pots help the roots spread out more than just growing downward. Also I think it helps keep more of an even moisture zone rather than bottom staying wet and top staying dry kind of situation.

Your two adeniums look like great little specimens. Congrats on joining us in our group addiction! LOL


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Home Depot carries a $0.59 5" clay azalea pot that would be perfect for these two. You may have already repotted, but in case not...

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