Albino ( white or yellow ) Adenium seedling

heart_in_bloomJune 20, 2014

I have a little over 100 Adenium arabicum seedlings. They are, according to seller, from 4 different arabicum plants. Seeds were in one plastic bag, so no way to know what seed from what plant ...

It turns out that some of the seedlings have little or no green pigment. Most likely albino seedlings ...

Here are the two with least green pigment. Seed leaves are starting to wilt. The picture was taken a few days ago, they are more wilted now ...

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Some normal seedlings and some with little pigment ...

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kodom087 z9a

I had a couple of albino seedlings I tried to micrograft last year to see if I could save them. I was not successful. But it won't stop me from trying if I ever get any more.


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And here they are beside a tray of varigated Chinese Clivia seedlings.

When you sow this kind of Clivia seeds you very likely also get some seedlings that are albinos ( all white no green ). I got a few of those when I germinated the Clivia seeds. I also got some seedlings with a little green pigment, very narrow green stripes, they probably did not get enough sun during Winter and died.

Now it will be interesting to see how the Adenium seedlings turn out. Some albinos, some variegated ??? Time will show.

I can't keep all the seedlings, so I'm not worried about the loss. - More curious to see what happens, really.

I you have experienced something like this, please share ...

Britta ( in Norway )

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If they are true albinos I don't think they could survive, could they?


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Britta, I did have some albinos seedlings before but they don't last very long.


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