What is this syrup type substance

averil(8b)June 16, 2013

Hi folks I'm after a bit of advice. On a couple of occasions I have noticed a substance that looks very like golden syrup on the growth points of my adeniums. I couldn't post a pic because I couldn't get a good enough close up. I have removed it with a q tip and I can't see any beasts. Does anyone know what this is. Could it be some kind of sap? Once again thanks for any help
Kind regards to all
Averil UK

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I have seen a similar substance on other plants, but not my Adeniums.
The sap that the Adeniums lose is clear. I do not remember it turning amber colored afterwards.
Makes one think that possibly it is a healing process from an injury from something (insects, etc.)

Why not send a note off to durch, Chris Durham from Durham Botanicals.
He is a wealth of knowledge and has always been very gracious about receiving private quearies.

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Thanks Rick, I shall send a note. I've noticed this substance a few times but the plants are very healthy
Many thanks
Averil UK

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Averil. I think you will find that it is indeed the sap. As Rick says, it runs out of the plant as a clear substance, but once it is in contact with the air it dries to a brownish colour, reminiscent of the 'syrup' you may be seeing. I have also had this happen on my plants for eg. when I have removed or accidentally knocked off a leaf. Hope this helps.
Gill UK.

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jv44(Zone 4 MN)

I've also seen this amber-colored substance on a few of my pachypodiums occasionally, usually coming from a broken leaf--possibly caused by some small critter thinking said leaf might make a good meal. I don't see it very often so I imagine these critters learn very quickly that pachy leaves don't taste good at all.

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Averil i am no expert but i did notice a little of sap runs out when i pinched of the flower from a newly potted DR, so i agree with the rest.so keep your plant away from rain if anything to help in the healing process.but i wouldn't be concern.plant is so evolved to heal them self perfectly after a trauma.i think i read that someone here recommended using honey for their antiseptic ability.i cant remember his/her name.just what i think it is from reading .good luck

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Thanks everyone. You are all such a big help. That puts my mind at rest
Kind regards

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