Sowing Adenium seeds.

kim44June 16, 2013

Hi all,
I have just recived my seeds but I'm a little confused as to which is the bast way to sow them.
Do I soak them in a moist paper towel over night or for 2-3 hours?
Or straight into the soil?
Do I use cactus soil?
Also which plant pot is best the type you plant a orchard in with big water holes or just a normal plant pot?
I've read up on it and have had lots of different views on the best way to grow them.
I just want to be 110% certain as this is something I can See myself getting additicted to and I want to get it right first time.
Thank you all your help and I really look forward to hearing from you all.
Kind regards

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Hi Kim,
There is a lot of info. on this site about the germinating of Adeniums.
I can tell you what I do, but you will find what works best for you.
I think first off. They need warmth and humidity, so where we live and what conditions we provide based on our geographic location makes a big difference.

I soak mine for 2-3 hrs. In tepid water (if fresh, no need).
In a plastic pot with drain holes (3-6", depending on amount of seeds being planted).
Fill with free draining mix (if using cactus mix, add some extra perlite)
Moisten lightly.
Position seeds on top of mix.
Cover with grit or more mix (1/4")
Water in, just to moisten surface.
Place in a humid environment. I use a propagator which has a cover over it.
I have used a clear plastic ziploc bag for small pots before.
Place on a heat source ( I need to, as the temperature would not be warm enough without it). If using a heat mat, most will keep the heat at a consistent temp.
Make sure you open the cover to for a short period of time each day.

Hope this will help,

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Kim , I did the paper towel Method with my first pack of seeds ( they sprout faster this way with my experience so far ) and placed damp paper towels in a zip lock container. You place one paper towel that is damp on bottom then two on top of the seeds.

I transferred them in coco fiber. The rest of the seeds I have ( 400 plus seeds ) I used coco fiber. I put the coco fiber in seed cells that comes with a seed starter tray ( with domes and trays ) All are sprouting and doing great. I have been spraying water on them to keep them moist.

I am finding out that if you do not cover them with plastic ( for humidity) and have enough warmth they take longer to sprout. The ones I did in zip lock container sprouted in 3 days. The ones I did in trays took longer because I only have one dome so I have been switching the dome on each tray until all sprouted

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