Anyone growing the other Adenium varieties?

greenclaws UKzone8aJune 1, 2012

It's obvious that most of us are growing the most popular and most easily obtainable specie of Adenium, the obesum. This variety is available in many colours (and probably in an even greater number of colours that only exist on our computer screens in the virtual world thanks to the likes of Photoshop etc!!) A few of us have Ad.arabicums and I have just sprouted some Ad.somalense so I was wondering if any of you grow the other types that are less common? Ones I have read about are...boehmianum, multiflorum, oleifolium, socotranum/Thai socotranum or even swazicum. Has anyone got a plant of these, if so was it from seed or bought as a plant? Just curious!

Gill from the UK.

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I would if I could find plants instead of seeds and I don't want to order plants outside the US. I might eventually break down and start something from seed but would much rather a 5 yr old or older plant.

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Gill, currently I'm growing - A. arabicum, A. boehmianum, A. multiflorum, A. swazicum, A. obesum (both the regular wild form and the Mombasa form), A. crispum, A. somalense, A. sp. nov.(Tanzania) and A. socotranum. I think the only species I am missing in my collection are A. oleifolium and A. sp. Oman. All were purchased as plants.

By the way, a big thank you for getting this forum started, I've only recently discovered it on Garden web.

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Pachypode where were you able to find all those varieties? I've never even heard of a couple that you mentioned.

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Karyn1, there are a few on-line dealers that sell Adenium species. Two of the best are Arid Lands Greenhouses ( and the other is Out Of Africa ( between the two you should be able to find just about all of the species (except A. sp. Oman.)
Out Of Africa does twice weekly updates, so if a plant is sold out, keep checking with them, usually they will list another one.
I just checked their website and currently they have available A. arabicum, A. multiflorum, A. swazicum and A. sp. Tanzania. (although they have it listed as a variety of A. somalense.)

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Pachypode and welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it here!!
Well, it sounds as if you have a great collection going on there? I'm sure we would all really love to see some pictures please, I know I would!!
Where are you situated, do you grow then outdoors or are they confined to indoors like mine? Sorry for the interrogation but I'm interested to learn more from you and your plants.
Gill from the UK.

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Gill, I'm in New York. I grow all my plants outdoors until the cold weather sets in and then I give them a month or so of artificial light indoors and less water as they go into dormancy. Once they go dormant they get no light and no water until the spring. Most of my Adeniums are grown as Bonsai but I do have a few in clay pots. My plants have only recently begun to break dormancy.

My digital camera has quit on me so I can only upload photos from my phone. I hope thats acceptable.

Adenium obesum cultivar

adenium swazicum

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Adenium somalense

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Adenium crispum

Adenium crispum (grafted onto an Adenium somalense stock)

Adenium sp. Tanzania (my favorite Adenium)

Adenium obesum (wild form)

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Adenium somalense (tree form)

Adenium obesum (Mombasa form)

A view of part of my collection (please excuse the ugly, in need of paint wall)

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What a great collection. I too have ordered from the two you mentioned.Can I ask how old your plants are?
Mine are a few years old and still look like babies.:(
I lose more to rot,guess I over tend to them and too much water. Thanks for sharing

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Adenium socotranum

More of my collection (including Adenium multiflorum, Adenium boehmianum and Adenium sp.)

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Sharon, I am terrible about keeping records, so I don't remember exactly when I got a particular plant but I do know the oldest Adenium in my collection is Adenium somalense. And I believe it has been with me for 10 to 11 years. My youngest Adenium is Adenium crispum and it's been in my collection for about two years.
I also lost a few Adeniums to rot when I first began growing them.

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Thanks. I'll take a look. I've been buying succulents from Arid Lands for several years but never looked thru their catalog for adeniums.

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"WOW" what a great collection pachypode. You've got some major training going on there. Thanks for sharing it with us. Peg

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Pachypode, wow, what a great collection. I give you all the credits for being a New Yorker with so many great plants and major trainging shape.

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Terrific plants. Some nice pachypodiums you have there... I've been meaning to pick up a few of those myself.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Great pics and plants, thanks for sharing them with us. Didn't even notice the wall needed painting, was too busy checking out your plants in front of it, you shouldn't have mentioned it, lol!!

A couple more questions if I long do you keep the wires in place? Are the other varieties you grow as easy to flower as the obesums seem to be for everybody else except me? A flower on one of mine would make my day as I've said several times before.
The ever hopeful, Gill from the UK.

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pcput, ltran54, plumeriafl, Gill thanks for the kind words.

Adenium obesum, A. somalense, A. crispum, A. arabicum, A. sp. Tanzania and A. swazicum have all flowered for me. I've found them to be pretty easy to get flowering. The harder ones to get to flower (at least for me) have been A. multiflorum, A boehmianum and A. socotranum. A. socotranum has to be several years old (maybe about 10 years) before it flowers for the first time. A. multiflorum needs a lot of light in winter when it is leafless in order to flower.

In regards to wiring. I leave the wire on the plants for a few weeks to a couple of months. Unlike traditional Bonsai, the wire has to be wrapped around pretty loosely or it will scar the branches.

One day I'll paint that old wall, I just need to find the time.

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