Soft caudex question

VoodoomagicJune 19, 2013

Hi everyone I am gardening while I type this and started to look at the plants I got from Home Depot. The big red one is loosing leaves and caudex is soft ( only by roots ) same with the white one . The white one was soft because I let it dry for a week but I put it in soil and watered it on Friday of last week. I felt the caudex where roots are and they are still soft. The red one was in the sun for weeks and it was ok but not sure if I watered it enough or not. I live in corona so we get winds and the heat here is unbearable some times . I have all my adenium in Kellogg cactus and palm soil and I added perlite to the mix. My other adenium are fine. Should I move the two sick ones back under my patio ? The white one hasn't gotten too much sun because I was dryi g it out due to some root rot and damage to the roots. If pictures will help lmk I just potted these plants so soil is fresh etc ... Also my point about mentioning weather the soil looks like it gets dried almost ever day

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I would move them into a filtered light site. If the soil is moist, then I would not water in again.
I would imagine if you get that hot there your watering requirements would be more often than some.

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