sowing adenium seeds

VoodoomagicJune 6, 2013

Hi everyone I have been reading different methods of sowing adenium seeds. I bought a pack of 100 seeds and did the paper towel method. I made the paper towel damp but not soaking wet. and put them in a zip-lock container with lit on it. its only been 3 days and seeds are sprouting :)

It also looks like some seeds have mold growing around them ? ( they look like duds. Is this normal to get mold with this method on dud seeds )

I am going to put them in coco fiber now just to be safe. I have a seed flat and I will cover it with plastic. I also bought some rubbermaid bins to sow them in ( I will poke holes in the bottom) I have perlite also to add.

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Voodoo, let us know how this method goes. What percentage are sprouting?


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So far so good. I left a lot of seeds in ziplock container. Most look like they sprouted very fast compared to sowing in the coco nut fiber. I am going to transfer more into the fiber today. This batch had 100 or so seeds and looks like 80% sprouted

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