White Angel

kodom087 z9aJune 17, 2014

My White Angel bloomed today. She's showing a little bit of pink but I think it's because I have her in more shade this year. She is getting more pure white as the day goes by though.

Here she is when I bought her last year.


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Kirk, my white angle is slow this year due to rotten neck.
I cut her down all the way to neck and she is slowly recover.

Your is beautiful. I love while angle.


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kodom087 z9a

Thanks, Marie.

She's on my front porch with Rik Ni Ran. I didn't do any pruning on her since she's been in my collection. The branches got stronger so the blooms are not weighing her down this year. But this is the first bloom to open so far. She's got more on the way. After this cycle I'll trim her up.
Almost all of mine had a slow start this year as well. We have had some strange weather this year, haven't we.


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Kirk, beautiful bloom. There are so many different ones, we would all like one of each.

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The Rik Ni Ran is very nice but this is my favorite. Mine hasn't bloomed but fortunately, it has a lovely, gnarled shape so the bloom will just be a bonus.

All of my adeniums only just started getting some decent heat this week. Fingers crossed!


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kodom087 z9a

Fingers crossed as well, Pagan!

I was gone for the weekend tubing down the Guadalupe River while staying at the wonderful Canyon Lake Ranch. Great place to rent and vacation with friends. Anyway, more blooms opened up and the pink faded to the white that I like in my White Angel.


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kodom087 z9a

Oh, forgot to add. I hand fed a small herd of Longhorns while at Canyon Lake Ranch.


Hey! Hey you! Are you going to feed me some of those cow cookies from that bucket or what?


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