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kodom087 z9aJune 17, 2014

Here are my Kanjana Yellow, Amazing Thailand and Triple Santa Claus sitting on rack on the back patio.

And just for fun I threw this in for Pagan.


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Kirk, make me want a yellow one bad.

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kodom087 z9a

Marie, I'll be sure to graft one of this for you. I've been very impressed with this Kanjana Yellow.

I still have not got to see my Luang Siam Yellow bloom. Last year and so far this year when the buds are almost ready to open they start to rot and drop off. I'm thinking Siam Yellow is either super fussy or just does not like me. LOL


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Kirk What can I say but excellent display and they look so strong and healthy,

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Kirk, all beautiful. It is lovely to see other peoples efforts.

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Very nice collection!!


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Kirk, cheesuz. There oughta be a law! lol I bet your Siam Yellow will bloom when all the others are done, it probably doesn't want competition.

And, argh, gorgeous haworthia! Aren't they incredible? So unassuming, unintrusive and space-efficient! Is it just me or do you hold them up against the light to stare at the grid as well lol


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kodom087 z9a

Thanks, everyone!

Pagan, this is my first 'known' haworthia. I say that as I have a plant I believe may be in the same family I've had a few years but never knew the name nor really researched it. What little I have showed one that is similar.

I have looked at it in the light as you say. You have one that is rounded and almost glass like on the tips. I've been searching for one when I hit local nurseries but no such luck. In fact the one pictured above is the only one I've seen in the two years I've been looking. I figured they'd be more common around Houston. Or maybe they're just always sold out.


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