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dallasguyMay 17, 2009

I was at a local garden center today looking for other plants and of course had to take a look at the roses. I came across Eden, it was in bloom with great big pink blossoms. I have been looking for another climbing rose but wanted to check with others on here about rebloom, size and disease resistance. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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roseberri, z6(6)

Randy I have had Eden for about ten years, I love it, and the first flush is spectacular, and it has some nice blooms later but nothing like the first spring bloom. Of course, I live in a much different zone from you, perhaps some others in your zone could comment.(it gets to about 8-9 ft. here, but where you live I suspect it could get much bigger)

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

You definitely want and need Eden Cl. Such beautiful blooms--much stronger in the spring, as roseberri notes, but respectable re-bloom throughout the summer and fall. It is not the most disease-resistant rose in my garden, by any means, and it is not a disease-magnet either. Some disease-resistance, in other words, but could be better--but it's not a major problem.

Some posters have complained in the past about poor blooming on their new Edens, and for several years thereafter. However, mine started blooming its first year and is just loaded with buds now in its 4th year.

Mine (in Zone 6 Kansas--close to the OK border) grows about 10 ft tall.

Seriously, you want this rose. And clematis look great on it, so consider some purple clems also.


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Thanks Kate and Roseberri, you both have enabled me. I will go and pick it up this weekend. It will go next to Lamarque

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

I have 3 Eden's and the two I got from Roses Unlimited are remarkable and bloom well and repeat well but the one I got from J&P is a loser. I bet I have had fewer than 50 blooms on it in 10 years.

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My Eden blooms nonstop. The best use, I've found for eden is a horizontal location high (above your head) her flowers are so heavy with petals that they tend to hang down like bells. Great Rose!!!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Patricia, I got my Eden Cl. from Roses Unlimited also and mine has always bloomed nicely. Maybe that is the secret, based on your roses and mine--Roses Unlimited has a superior Eden Cl.

I remember some posters have loudly complained about Eden. Guess they bought it at the wrong place?


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My Eden climbers are in their 2nd full year in the ground. Its only got a few buds so far, but the leaf growth was vigorous and early. We'll see what happens as far as rebloom. Last year there was none but the first flush was so very very beautiful it didn't matter!

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senko(6b ePA)

How about Red Eden? Does anyone have similar experience with red version? I am a sucker for reds.

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

I don't have a Red Eden, but I had one given to me, which contracted RRD along with many others and of course, I shovel pruned it. The owner who had Eden (in several locations) wanted Red Eden (because her husband likes red) and after 3 years they were not pleased with the lack of bloom, so she gave it to me. I did not have it long enough to speak to its performance as it never bloomed in the 6 months it was in my garden but then I planted it in warmer weather and it spent all its time settling in and eventually contracting RRD from other roses in my garden. But, the lady who had it is very particular about roses and they like bloom and their garden is their pride and joy and this one did not please them. They give away many roses that do not perform well as what they want is bloom and they always liked to compete (and win) in ARS shows.

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

I SP'd Eden last year, but for me it was more of a hardiness issue. Eden is not hardy in the north and can't be classified as a climber. I tried to keep it just growing as a large shrub, but some years it had so much winterkill it couldn't even fill out enough to qualify for that. Gorgeous flowers but no fragrance whatsoever.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

In this climate, it bears globs of brown slime.

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Eden is my favorite rose ever! It blooms year around but heaviest now in my zone (9). To die for! I also have red eden and it blooms heavy as well. It's not even in the ground yet! I've had it in a bakery bucket with holes in the bottom for drainage and it's doing spectacular! Light fragrance which the pink eden lacks. Pink eden is still my favorite but the red eden is great too. Long vase life for both. I would get one if I were you! :0)

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