Another seed question

johnsonm08(5a)June 6, 2012

Has anyone grown a bunch of seeds to flowering? I read several other posts saying that seed grown will mostly be pink--How many percentage wise, might not be pink? Any experiences?


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Hello Mike, 99.99% will be pink, only 1% IF you are lucky will be red or white.

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I got 2 out of about 10 seed grown that weren't solid pinks so far. One was a white with a pink edge and the other a white with a pink stripe down the middle. There's still several plants from that batch of seeds yet to bloom and I'm guessing that most, if not all, will be single pinks.

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Does this tendency towards producing pinks also hold true for hand-pollinated seeds from non-pink crosses?

It seems that pink is very strongly dominant. Too bad. Pink is my least favorite color, and that's putting it mildly.

Too bad there are no stabilized strains available to the public.


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