velvet leaves

roma0904(9)June 10, 2014

Hello friends from the forum,

I found out today that one of my adeniums have the back of the leaves like velvet, I have like 20 plants and only one of the has it, is it a subspecies? Or is it normal?


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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Roberto I have read that A. swazicum or A. arabicum have gray-green, velvet-textured leaves. I do not have either of those that I know of, but I do have one with gray-green, velvet-textured leaves myself, so I am second guessing that.

Maybe someone else knows if fuzzy, velvet leaves occurs on Obesum occasionally also?


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kodom087 z9a

Hey, Roberto.

So far my oldest obesum has shiny slick leaves. But my arabicum & arabicum-obesum hybrids have velvet like leaves. You can feel the fuzz when you rub them. I'll have to check but think my salamence, I believe, have fairly slick leaves except perhaps the hybrids. I'll post again when I go check later this afternoon.


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Heather, Kirk,
I have one arabicum, the leaves are softer and little diferent in texture than the my old obesum's that are more "plastic" like ( my English is short, I can't find another word to describe them ) but neither have velvet texture

Here is a pic from the top

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And here is one from the back of a leaf, where it bends you can see the little white hair that feels really soft like velvet

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kodom087 z9a

I just checked. I was wrong. My oldest obesum which it's leaves look slick or plastic actually feels fuzzy on top although you can't see the hairs. One of my arabicums (yak Yemen) has a very slight fuzzy feel but the others of same hybrid do not. I swore last year they all did. Now I need to pull out my adenium book and reread the leave characteristics. I'll let you know what I rediscover.


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I been trying to find info on this without luck

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These are the leaves on my bohemianum. Light green leaves with a very velvety texture on the underside.


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I have several obesum seedlings and three arabicum seedlings. All the obesum have smooth leaves and all the arabicum have either very velvety (top and bottom sides) or slightly velvety leaves. I think it's the species.

Is it possible you planted a stray arabicum seed with the obesums?

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As Ginger mentions. It is quite common on the Swazicum's. With many if you look at them (leaves) in the light at the correct angle you can see what appears to be 'hair like' fibres on surface. If your finger is moved slowly and at just barely touching the leaf, you can feel them.
I believe that with all of the crossing of the different species, that it is becoming difficult to name many as a true specie.

In relation to other Genus. The Rhododendrons & Azalea's have this 'fuzz or hair like' substance on either the underside or upper side. It is called 'indumentum' for the underside and 'endumentum' for the upper side.

I particularly like the look of the Swazicum with the fuzzy leaves and almost folded in half upwards.

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