My oldest Adenium has had aphids non stop.....

chuy415July 22, 2014

Is there something I should maybe do?? Maybe cut the longest branches and see what happens? Ut hasn't grown any new leaves, when it wants to they end up drying up and yellowing. I've checked a few times a week and used a q tip with rubbing alcohol and a bit of water. It has about 4 to 5 hours of morning sun too. :/


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Hi Chuy!

I've only ever had one incident of repeated infestation and I pruned that mother in the middle of winter to stop it once and for all. I cut about a centimeter off of all the tips that had leaves. Then I sprayed it with a strong alcohol solution. I then left it alone, isolated from other plants.

How often do you water your plant? In zone 7, planted in gritty mix, I water my plants every two to 3 days if it doesn't rain. If that was my plant, I would dig it out and check the roots. Then wash it well and the potting mix also. Then repot.


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I've repeatedly cleaned the areas I would find them in... they just wont go away completely!! I water it about 2-3 times a week.. once I get home I may check the roots and also cut the branches a bit! thank you for your help


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Chuy, try it with kitchen sink soap. Sometimes you need to repeat the application more than once, but it will work.

1 gallon water with 3 table spoon soap. Spray after sun goes down, spay with water next morning before sun goes up. (no direct sunlight).

I hope it works for you.

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When I have problems with aphids, I hunt for lady bugs and put them on the plant. In no time the aphids are gone and the plant grows happy.

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Thanks to all- will use the dish soap and follow by spraying again in morning - how long should I keep it away from the sun?
Hhhmmm. Haven't seen ladybugs in a very long time - but that's good to know!! ;). Thanks.


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Chuy, you can keep the plant on the same spot. If you pray it with water in the morning before sun raise, you okay. because the soap without direct sun, the leaves don't get burn.


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I take it you just spray the plant and not try and get in to soil? Hold plant pot sideways to spray away from soil if possible? Also, there is a common little spider that likes making webs around my adeniums. I don't see him doing any direct damage. do you think he eats the smaller spider mites and aphids?

Thats him posing for the photo next to my Obesum seedlings.

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Thank you Marie for your help. I appreciate it. Thank you.


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


Last year I had a bunch of little spiders on my plants too. I do believe they keep away aphids and other little pests. I have not seen them this year yet.

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