What I don't like about some multi-petal adeniums....

tedb4(11b)July 30, 2013

Unfortunately this plant has mostly been a big pink fluffy mess

Does anyone else have any horror pictures/ stories to share?

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mscynthia(8 - just N of Dallas TX)

How disappointing :( And the color is so nice . . .

I may have an equally sad pic in a day or so. I have a Luang Siam with some huge buds and the bigger they get, the more they droop.

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Ted, that is small plant to carry many heavy buds. The bigger plant the better blooms.
Maybe next year.

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Ted, Not from experience, but what Marie has said sounds very true. I am sure once it is more established that next year it will reward you with it's true colors.
Oh! By the way. Is that a seedling growing in the same pot with the one in Black pot in photo?
Don't now why I noticed, just neede to ask.

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