WANTED: seedlings exchange / swap

blrhudugiFebruary 5, 2014


this is my first year gardening. So I plan on trying both winter sowing and regular indoor sowing. In fact, I just put out 35 or so containers outside and am hoping they will all sprout.

Question is - is there a forum where we can swap / request seedlings (if people have extras) come spring time. Maybe I am looking too far ahead, but just wanted to know if there was such a thing. Also, what are the logistics for such a swap (meaning, I know how to send seeds - thanks to the other exchange/trading forums on this site; but how does one package a plant and what is the mode of shipping). Or should I find other members who are more local and try to do a face to face exchange.

thank you very much.

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

I was wondering the same thing. I "HOPE" to have a surplus of seedlings and like the idea of swapping rather then just cramming them in somewhere OR leaving them in the germination container until fall (Or until they croak)
For many I think using the HunK o Seedling method would work for shipping. Just wrap the roots and moist soil like the roots of a plant. Then wrap in paper towel/ newspaper like any small plant.
Any other ideas/suggestions?

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

I've shipping miniplugs of ws seedlings successfully. Saran wrap the plug and fit it tightly into a toilet paper roll so the top of the roll protects the plants. Saran wrap & packing tape over the ends.

These TP-plugs fit nicely into a small flat box, like a box of cigars. Box the size of a small PO priority flat, the one where the top flips up like a book cover. I think 5 tubes fit across that box type.

I think fuller sized plants at the end of the season are better, but this method works.

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Tina, thanks for the good info.
Hopefully birhudugi is still around and interested in this. As we get closer to the right time and know what surplus is available, I'm very interested in swapping some surplus seedlings.

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vegpatch(5 Colo)

Count me in as well I am already thinking about who might 'adopt' some seedlings.

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This is an old posting, but 2015 is the first year of WSing for me...so did you all have successful WSing last year, and did you have alot of seedlings you wanted to trade? Were you successful in posting trades or ??
I was wondering the same thing about trading seedlings, and if they were too tender to mail!

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I did not have much from winter sown containers last year, but hope I do this year. I learned a lot from my mistakes (that being my first year and all). I hope this year is better. Are folks still open for a swap/exchange this year - say some time late April? If so, we can try and set things up. Will be nice to meet everyone and also give any extras to good homes.

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A couple things:

1. I am very curious why your first year of WSing did not work very well, and what in particular you think the problem(s) were and what you learned

2. I might be in the "mail" seedlings/swap/trade category. I would suspect that we are all fairly spread out across the country. One would have to look on here for local plant swaps for your area. Where are you located?

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few mistakes I made.
1. Placed the containers without any way to stop them from blowing in the wind.
2. They fell off the table and some of them got ruined.
3. Perhaps the depth of soil was not right.

I sure hope I have fixed all those problems this year and am more successful.

I am located in NJ (Central NJ to be more precise). Yes, I was looking for local plant swaps and was wondering if something between philly - NJ or central NJ - northern NJ would be feasible.

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