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adenium1949July 26, 2014

Here is a plant raised way back in 06, from the first batch of seed I bought. Back then, when you planted seed this is what you expected, "pink". As you can see the plant has responded to our heatwave by shedding all of its leaves but thankfully not the buds. As the season rolls on the blooms will get progressively paler until they end up almost white.

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Here is a plant also blooming today, Hussadee Pink. How things have changed in a few years, this is a "modern" pink, not from seed of course, but a grafted plant. Hussadee Pink really is a glorious pink and must be one of the easiest to bloom. Anyone wanting an easy bloomer, and who doesn't, get one of these, I can recommend it.
Brian UK.

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Brian, beautiful flower. It may be easy for you to get one of these, but a problem for me to purchase one here in Australia.


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Hi Marlene,
I recall seeing some wonderful Australian raised plants in another forum, not sure where the nursery was, possibly Cairns?

Brian UK

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I would think that Sandy, Cheryl, Joe and many of the Adenium Society of Australia friends could have something very similar or spot on.
They have produced some gorgeous flowers.

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That is beautiful pink. It is different from my Harssadee Pink.I like it your bloom.

Mine looks like this.


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Thanks Brian and Rick for your information on where to obtain plants. I have bought quite a few plants from Sandy but extra special ones like yours I have not been able to buy. Probably like the rest of us, when we get that special one we are so excited that it goes into a special place and that is where it stays. I will contact Cheryl and Joe to find out if they will part up with some of their special collection. Marlene

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kodom087 z9a

Those are looking great!


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Chaya had this one last week, but not in bloom. Wished I had gotten it now. I did get a Phatuma Pink instead.

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Very beautiful Brian as well as yours Marie.

I remember having a pink like yours Brian ...I just don't remember if it sold or not. For all I know I might still have it in stock mixed up with the rest. But I do have a couple of the pink Marie has in my collection.

And you're also right Brian there has been an explosion of colors throughout the last few years because of many people crossbreeding colors.

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