Few Sources In USA for Adenium....Why ???

bronxfigsJuly 17, 2012

Not only am I frustrated...but more than a little disgusted by the lack or sources, for purchasing NAMED Adenium within the US. The few places that actually stock named plants have been less than acceptable, if not lousy sources.

Top Trop's...

Named plants...maybe you'll get what you pay for...I didn't $45.00 out the window!

Lucky Sumo...

Shipping was as expensive as the plants.

Durham Botanicals...

Never answered my e-mails for ordering.

Loresco Tropical Plants, Puerto Rico...

Named plants...shipping costs as much as plants.

Cactus King...

Cuttings...who wants to try to grow roots?

Living Stones Nursery...

Named plants from rooted cuttings...no caudex, small selection.

Miles2go...Arid Lands....Tropiflora...

Un-flowered seedlings....poor selections...etc.



I will not try growing from seeds, or, rooting some cuttings, nor will I go through the aggravation to import a plant, or, buy off eBay.

So...where do I go to buy a plant??


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I too have wondered why there's so few sources for grafted adeniums here. They are a popular plant and the basic seed grown varieties have been available at many places for years. You'd think that you'd be able to find more specimen plants outside of Thailand. By the way Miles To Go and Arid Lands are two of the best cacti/succulent suppliers around, especially Miles. I get the majority of my succulents and caudiciforms (excluding adeniums) from them. Arid Lands, at least, carries several different adenium species, but most of the people buying from them aren't looking for adeniums.

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Hello, I have full size specimens the type you see in walmart or home depot, they are flowering at the moment but I need to get rid of them do you have anything to trade for. I am willing to ship them for free if you have anything I am interested in. I will respond asap!

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Wow, you got that at Home Depot! I never see any except for pinks and sometimes whites at the HD here. I'd snap that color up in a sec if I saw it. If Frank isn't interested I have a variety of plants, mainly tropicals available.

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GreenThumb, I am interest in trading. Please email me with pix.

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The reason why there are very few growers is many. Mostly because to grow adeniums, one must be in the breeding of them. Most growers just want grow and turn around and sell it. this is why there are so many grafted plants on the market. These plants are imported and or are regrafted from purchased stock onto rootstocks grown by them.
It is very difficult to find a grower that sells seed originals. The best plants are those from plants growing on their own root stocks. I urge everyone to grow and support growers that sell plants on original roots.
These nurseries listed usually purchase plants from larger growers selling liners that need some additional growth before reselling, this is why so many growers sell almost the same thing at the same time. Coincidence? Not!
The growing of adeniums is like an orchid grower. One must be in the continual breeding programs to keep their line up to date. Whether growing the next best new color or even a new shape or form, there will be many seedlings and very few with guaranteed results.
I purchased a common pink that when it was crossed to anything always produced solid black red flowered babies. These kinds of surprises are not common in adenium breeding.

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The background information was very interesting to read, but...we're still left seeking sources for plants.

Unlike orchids...the best Adenium plants are grown from seeds, but where do I find these nurseries that grow selected plants on their own roots, from seed? I've been searching for months, and have found none. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

So, until this plant supply problem changes, we will be lucky to find any nursery who sells a limited variety of grafted plants.

I like Adenium...but not enough to embark on some eternal quest for the latest, greatest Adenium du Jour. Some may find the "hunting" to be fun...I don't. But hey, that's just me.


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Not to rub it in but we have a local grower here in the Tampa Bay area. They usually sell every week at the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market. I think they sell on eBay at times also. Ken Wall/Green Mind Growers and usually his lovely wife runs the booth at the market. From the few interactions I've had with them, they've both been really nice.

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Chris At Durham Botanicals has always been very cooperative and usually has an excellent selection, IMO

Here is a link that might be useful: Durham Botanicals

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

Have you looked into Glass house works? They have a few listed, but I'm not sure about the named varieties.


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Am new in DR collection. Can anyone share the link to reliable websites where they bought their DR plants/seeds? How much did you pay for yours? I would prefer to buy triple and quad varieties.

Thanks Brian

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Excuse the late reply. I figure better late than never though.

I am Chris Durham of Durham Botanicals.

I maintain a large inventory of Adeniums for sale year round at my nursery in Florida and I assure you that I am happy to sell them.

Unfortunately I am not nearly as adept with all of this internet technology as I am with Adeniums. Accordingly I've been through a dozen websites, twice as many webmasters, and more money than I'll admit to trying to build and maintain a well oiled web presence.

Long of the short of it is that I'm working on one more strategy for this spring. With any luck we'll have a site in place that offers you a smooth shopping experience soon.

In the meantime you're always welcome to email me directly on Greenemann@earthlink.net
I answer mail quickly. That means that it's likely I didn't get your message if you don't hear back in a day, or two, or three max. Try again.


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haworthia(8 Virginia Beach)

Hi all,
I've ordered from Durharm Botanicals and I rate them A+. I've purchased 3 plants so far from their ebay store and I got my emails answered ASAP. My most recent purchase was in November for a Adenium Quad Layer Black Picotee grafted . Their Plants are well packaged and healthy. No surprises. Chris and his team are awesome!

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haworthia(8 Virginia Beach)

I'm not sure if the photo that "greenthumb' has posted is the plant that is being offered to be swapped. Please google adenium "kinnalee" and you will see exact photo.

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maark23 TX/8a

You can try corona cactus he grows his plants from. He is a very reliable seller . I've gotten many plants from him.

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I am not sure of the protocol and procedure for ordering Adeniums within the U.S. from one state to another? CITIES may be involved?
For those of you in the U.S., there are many growers and very knowledgeable people that sell Adeniums. Durham Botanicals, Living Stones, Lucky Sumo Nursery (Florida), I think even Loresco from Puerto Rico
(I believe PR is under the U.S.) and I have seen many more.
I am envious that they are not as readily available in Canada with importing them.

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Adeniums are not regulated under CITES.

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I agree sources are very limited. I purchased seed from Thailand and have grown them from seed. I did have good luck with germination. I purchased a very nice plant from Lowe's a few years ago. I recognized what it was as it was shipped in march and had gotten to cold. It had no leaves. I paid $8 for it as a mature plant. Flowers are amazing but not. I will try to post a picture as it starts to bloom. I has huge flowers and turns into a plant equal to an azalea. It also blooms from mid summer until late fall.

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I purchased a number of grafted Adeniums from AdeniumRose.com. They are located in Miami, FL. The plants I bought were reasonably priced, good size and were a combination of flat grafts and cleft grafts. I purchased doubles and triples. So far, the plants have done well.


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I get my adult plants from adeniumrose.com as well, JJ. I can not recommend them enough. They import a lot of their grafted plants from Thailand. When you go to their site, you will notice that some plants are labeled NP (not proven). This means they have not verified that the plant will bloom as pictured. This means, further, that you have the option of buying one anyway or getting plants that have been proven to bloom as pictured.

I like that kind of up-front business ethics. I hope they do not change.

The down side is that a lot of growers will buy their unproven stock anyway so they don't stay at the nursery long enough for them to verify that the plants do bloom as advertised. You'll just have to keep checking if they have anything left that are proven varieties.

And that is the story of my Hassadee Red which turned out to be Hassadee Pffhiiiink.


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Андрей Коньков
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Андрей Коньков
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