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averil(8b)July 2, 2012

Hello everyone. Ive just become a parent to four little dr seedlings. I bought the seeds on ebay and they seem to be doing dandy. I dont know much about these plants, so this looks like a good place to pop into. Ive been mooching around and some of the pics in here are amazing. There are a lot of experienced growers, so I hope you dont mind if i come in and pick your brains now and again

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Welcome to the forum Averil...
We are very friendly forum and if you need anything info about dr, please ask.
We don't know all the answer but most part....

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Thankyou for your welcome Marie. I am sure I will enjoy popping in and out of here

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hello Averil and welcome to the forum. I too am a DR grower from seeds. I'm sure you will find some useful info on here so it will be good to hear from you! My conditions are very different from most growers on the forum as I'm from the UK, but I have Ad. obesums, arabicums and somalense plants all from seed. I have yet to get one to flower though....so I live in hope!
Gill from the UK.

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Hi Gill, thanks for the welcome. Yes well we both know what problems we have over here.... rain, rain and more rain!! ha ha.I have seen your plants on some of the threads here and they look great. Im sure you will have them flowering when you least expect it. They really are the most interesting plants. I had never heard of them until i was scouting about on ebay. I get my seeds from a chap on there.
Averil (also from the uk :)

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