Cut A. arabicum seedlings ?

heart_in_bloomJuly 27, 2014

My arabicum seedlings now have 6 - 7 true leaves (in addition to the seed leaves ). Does one cut the top of such seedlings to make them branch ?

( I would not cut all of them , but some ... )


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Are the leaves growing from one central point at the top or are they becoming taller with leaves up the stem.
I have asked many of the long time growers from Australia, Thailand and India. Seems that the Arabicums all have their varying characteristics as do the other Adeniums. Some will slow down in growth and get fat with wide caudex and others will become tall.
If you have many seedlings. It would be worth a try and experiment, leaving the shorter ones to see what happens and give some taller ones a little pinch.

I have pinched many of my obesums and it definitely is a practice to do when very young, as then the pinched branch blends in as it grows. Older plants you always see the pruned off piece.

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I would say they are becoming taller, and have leaves up the stem. I've taken a Picture for you to judge.

So Rick and others, do you think I should cut these ?

I have obesums also, about the same size as the arabicums, and I have just cut some of them. Perhaps I should cut more of them. Comments are welcome.

Britta ( in warm and sunny Norway )

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Hi Britta,
If you do pinch any out, maybe the second 'a' from right. They do not look too tall and distance between the leaf nodes is not excessive. If mine and I felt I wanted to pinch, I would just pinch out the terminal growth point.
They will sit for awhile afterwards and not grow too much.
Works very well on Obesum's at a very early age.

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I'm in the same boat with my Arabicum Seedlings. Looking to pinch a few but more to my concern is that after about 2 weeks after their first repot my Arabicum Seedlings look a little less colorful and most have their leaves redirecting up instead of nice and horizontal like Britta's. I used to see growth every 2-3 days with these guys but the last two weeks seems like they are stunted in growth and looking a bit less healthy. Is it just repot stress? The next three pics are a progression of: prepot, post pot, post 2 weeks pot.

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Just after repot (almost 2 mo. old seedlings)

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Britta, those are cute arabicum, if they belong to me, I wait longer to pinch them.


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2 weeks after repot. Keeping soil moist to wet and trying not to let them dry out. 4-7hrs of sun a day (as they had since the week before their re-potting). Unnoticeable in pic is 2 weeks later, 2 have developed slight browning on their tips and another 2 had contracting of their caudex that made little wrinkles like they were shriveling, one of those 2 kinda unshriveled recently. The row in back with little sticks supporting them had main root cut and bottom pvc'ed to promote lateral roots. Those really needed sticks and are very unstable, the rest seem pretty surefooted. Overall they are just less green and most show leaves going more vertical now.

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Overall, I think that your seedlings look good. I would be careful not to keep them too wet. That can cause the leaves to start going a chartreuse green color.
The leaves pointing upwards seems to be a process my seedlings are going through (Arabicum), but I believe it is related to the sunlight they are getting.
Mine seem to go through a pause in growth also, but I am not too concerned.
If they stay short and start growing horizontally, then all is good for me.

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Hey Rick I think you are right about the sun. I reported 2 of them to check on the roots. The thin hairlike roots they had looked like they were wilting, but both had new root growth that was 2-3times thicker than the old roots. So the leaf tilt might be its reaction to not processing water thru transpiration since some of the roots were dying. I cut back sun from 5-7hrs to 3-4 hrs and will keep on the dry side of moist.

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Rick and Marie, thanks for your advice !

I have more than 100 of these arabicum seedlings, the 5 in the Picture are quite typical in size and condition.

In other words, there is room for experiment ...
Only I wouldn't cut any if all advice were against it ...

So I can take advice from both of you and cut some, leave some, and see what gives the best result.

Thanks again !

Britta ( in Norway )

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Britta, keep us updated with pics on ur results when they happen. I'm about 2-4 weeks behind u on my Arab seedlings and really want to see what happens.

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