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rcharles_gwJuly 19, 2014

I received a message from someone in Canada (west coast) quearing where to get Adeniums here.
Unfortunately, I cannot respond as there is not an email attached to the message send through Gardenweb.
If you want to retry, please do.

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Hello Rick and Everyone on Adenium forum!

I'm a new member and newly in love with Desert Roses.

I've been following this forum for quite some time and really admire members collection! Mind bogging and so inspirational!

I currently own only one D R and want much more! :)

So I asked Rick where to buy those in Canada as they are really, really hard to find in my experience. I'm in Vancouver, BC

(Sorry, I'm still learning the ropes with the Forum's communication. So I've now fixed the missing email feature.)

Your advice would be much appreciated.

(Also, please disregard the misspelled User name. Like I said, still learning.)

Cheers, everyone.

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Hi Lily,
Not a problem with all above. Your privacy is of the most importance and your right. I believe that with emails, your email address is not made public to those that you send to. It is all with GardenW.
Either way. If I can be of assistance, I am more than happy to do so.

I had found it most difficult to find Adeniums here in Canada. HD had some last fall (3) in Bonsai pots with pebbles cemented on top of soil. Horrible.

I have given many to Jamie at VS here and bought a beautiful 'Somalense'
3yrs. ago from him? Wonderful person and exceptional nursery.

Will check again on your email and will come back to this post if not able to use.

As you probably have noticed on this group site. The people on it are always more than willing to help and share their experiences, good and bad with you. There was a person in Vancouver (Otis) that used to frequent this group, but other stuff probably makes it difficult now. Very nice person.
Will check back,

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kodom087 z9a

Hello there and welcome!


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Hi Rick
Thanks for the follow up.
Hi Kirk, thanks for the Welcome! :)

Yes indeed I find people on this forum being very friendly and willingly sharing.

Rick, thanks for a good reference on VS. I have no experience yet for buying online, so itâÂÂs a new territory to explore.

My only DR indeed came from Home Depot with those horrible glued pebbles. IâÂÂm not sure what was the story behind that plant as it was on a discount shelf and this was the only one they had. So I grabbed it as my only chance at DR but it still remains to be seen what would come out of it.

After being repotted and pruned as discussed, itâÂÂs doing OK, firm, etc - except itâÂÂs stopped growing its new leaves after original enthusiastic burst. IâÂÂm not sure if itâÂÂs normal or not. I guess blooms are far from reach at the moment.

Any observations/advice would be much appreciated!

Happy growing, Everyone!

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This is a better view of the bottom part. DR's practically sitting on top of a few inches of gritty mix scooped from the orchid mix (mainly the gritty stuff that you find on the bottom of the bag.)

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Nice base on this one. It will probably start growing again soon. A few of mine that I pruned in the late spring, pushed out some new leaves and then subsequently flushed out a pile of buds. I find some are really aggressive in putting on new branch grow and some quite slow.
Looks and sound that you are a seasoned plant 'nut' as most of us.
Your plant has very healthy growth.

I kept going in HD when I saw the ones here, hoping that they would reduce them, but it did not happen. One day I gave one a drink out of their watering can (while no one was watching) as it was suffering.

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Thanks for your supportive words, Rick.

Seasoned or not but a plant nut for sure! :) And yes, into rescuing plants as well !......
Love your story on giving a poor store plant a drink! I once took out a Kleenex from my purse to dry out a plant's centre as it was chocking in water mercelessly poured on it! :) (No, I didn't buy that one.)

Glad I joined this forum!


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