Arabicum Bouquet

kodom087 z9aJuly 19, 2014

Here are some shots of my arabicum bouquet (the ones that are in focus in the pictures). If I'm not mistaken these are about at the 1 year old mark.

For size comparison the plant going out of frame to the right is the fat Yak Yemen from my other post.


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Your Bouquet's are thickening nicely across the base, Kirk. Much more so than mine.
The Arabicum 'Bouquet' is a stunning plant. The one that Ken Wall has is beautiful and he is where I got seed from.
Looks to me that you have quite a LARGE collection yourself.

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kodom087 z9a

Thanks, Rick. These were seeds from you. The two arabicums that are in the same pot as my oldest obesum are also from you. I think they are the bouquet as well. They seem to be doing the best and they are a lot younger than the ones pictured in this thread. I'll get a better picture of them later today to show.

I'd love to see Ken's mother plant! Would you by chance have a picture of it you could share?


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