in desperate need of advice for spider mites HELP!!

katluvrJuly 9, 2013

Hi all,it has been a long time since I have been able to participate in the GW. I need some help with spider mites PLEASE.
all of my precious DR have them I made a huge mistake this winter when they were all inside, I brought in a 5 gallon bucket of angel trumpet (brugs) cuttings to root and we all know that they are born with spider mites at least down here they are . I sprayed all of my DR when I was able to bring them out this spring and thought they were cured , but now they are covered and I have around 75 of them, a lot of new ones I have yet to see bloom , we have had almost constant rain for weeks, 6 inches this past week , I am wanting to defoliate all of them and then start spraying which will take some time to cut off all of those leaves but I am desperate , also now when I spray I will no doubt loose all of the buds forming.Any advice would be so welcome. Thank you Ronda

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kodom087 z9a

I'm having a hard time with spider mites this summer as well. It's like they all just showed up at once and on all of my DRs. Just when I think I have them eradicated they come back in full force. I'm tempted to buy that mite that feeds on spider mites.


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I'd read on another forum that a good fix (at least for the plants kept outside) is a fish emulsion/water spray.

For indoors, that could be a bit stinky. There's always neem oil mixed with water. or a wash with alcohol swabs if you're only dealing with a few plants?...

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Hi Kirk and roseyd,
I have never had spider mites this badly yellow distorted leaves every where messed up blooms, and this is one of the wettest summers we have had in many years they say s/m do not like moisture but I think all the rain is making them grow :(
I to0 need that mighty mite eating mite!!!
I will check into the neem oil. I have been tempted to buy some Malathion I saw at Lowes, I will cut all the leaves off again as it will be easier to spray and control I hope, got to get ready for winter it will be here before you know it, I have about 75 DR plants so it will be a job defoliating them all, thank you so much for your suggestions, Ronda

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Hello Ronda, I only used my cheap home made spray.
I mix 3 table spoons kitchen soap into a gallon of water.
Put it in a spray bottle and spray after sunset, pray with water next morning before sun raise. (no direct sun contact to the leaves while with soap.) Repeat application second time if it doesn't work for you first time.

Work for me....
Nice to see you here.

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I also was going to say I use dish soap and water in a spray bottle. Usually works good for me. Give it a try


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Hi Marie,
Thank you so much it is nice to be back , it has been a hectic and sad first half of the year , I will talk to you soon via e-mail.
I have heard long ago of using dishwashing liquid, I will give it a try I have never seen the likes of this infestation , I have so many DR that are new that I wanted to see bloom but the mites are messing up the blooms and some are falling off before opening, so I still may cut off all leaves as well. Loved all the pictures of you DR blooms perfect as always you have the special touch. Ronda

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Thanks Sharon , that is what I plan to do now, you have all been very helpful on this problem. Ronda

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I finally got all the leaves cut off of all my desert roses now I can spray them with the soap mix, I may still go tomorrow and buy some safers soap as well, thank you all for your time and advice on this matter , I just want to get them cleaned up before winter comes.

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That is a great collection! So many fantastic shapes- love the one on the top lef, but so many look good... Good luck with the spider mites... Is that a little dog in the background?


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ltran54(9) love your caudexes.....Wow...
I am not that to your collection.

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Hello all,
I have used the following recipe with success recently, and no damage to plants, similar to already mentioned.
1 tbsp washing up liquid
1tbsp olive oil
Mix to form an emulsion, easy.
add water to 1 litre.
I am not the originator, so credit to others.

Brian UK.

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Thanks Brian,
Did you rinse off afterwards or leave it on plants?

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I left the solution on the plants for about a week then sprayed with clean water. It did seem to be very effective. Here in the EU almost all effective pesticides(and herbicides) have been banned. Untl recently I used a spray containing Imidacloprid but that has now disappeared from the shelves, so its basically make your own or do without !. As they say on cleaning products, test a small area first.
Hope it works for you too.
Brian UK.

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Thanks Brian,
As you make your own. Here in Canada, we cannot get the systemic herbicides or pesticides which seam quote readily available in different parts of the world still.
I would rather not use them anyhow.
Thought you probably rinsed off.

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Hi Ted, thank you for the compliment, I am afraid I have gotten a bit carried away with desert rose plants.
I have never had spider mites on DR before.
No that is not a dog it is a solar cat statue in my pet cemetary,my last dog passed away 3 weeks ago she was 16 yrs old.

Hi Marie,
Thank you for liking my collection, it is all your fault LOL!
I see all of your beautiful plants and I want more, I want mine to look like yours someday!

Brian, Thank you very much for the recipe I will be trying it as well, I believe it will smother them. I have used Imidacloprid granuals in the pots but not the spray, so far I think it helps with the mealy bugs but not spider mites.

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Hi I bought my first dr almost 2 mths ago because I loved the flower new nothing about them prior mine hsd doubled in size and recently got aphids I have sprayed it with casneem oil 1 week ago should I expect the leaves to call off

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Those are beautiful plants!

Thanks for the recipe. What is washing up liquid, dish soap or hand soap? Also, does this spray prevent good insects like bees? Thanks!

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Washing up liquid comes in a plastic bottle and is for cleaning your dishes. As with any spray if the plant is flowering avoid the blooms so beneficial insects are not endangered. I think this mixture works by smothering the small mites, other inscts would need to be sprayed directly to be affected so as always take care. Thats the way I look at it.
Happy growing,
Brian UK.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)


Lovely collection! I especially commend your potting technique. Anyone who is unsure how an adenium should properly be planted/potted, there are about 50 examples in the photos above! Most of the soil under the roots, very little soil around the caudex, only an inch or so between the plant and the edge of the pot. Absolutely perfect technique.

Where did you get the taller clay pots with the rolled lip that are set on top of the table? (I think they are clay but I may be wrong.) In the second photo, there are two: the second and third plants from the right. I really like those! I would like to buy some. Thanks in advance for the help!


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