Keeping pests out of pots

ssk22July 25, 2012

Is there a secret to not bring pests into the house in the flower containers?

I took my plants out ,but hate bugs that take up residence . Don't want them in my house come this fall. Ugh!!!!


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I'm sorry, I don't know of any secret but I suppose you could possibly treat them with insecticidal soap (or if there are a lot something a tad stronger...) before bringing them in the house?

Honestly, people that grow plants indoors have problems with insects that are harder to control than outside because there are no "good" bugs to eat the "bad" bugs! Their plants may never go outside and develop mites and flies and things like that.

Which bugs specifically have you had problems with in the past?

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Mainly millipede type, or the roly poly type. Normally I take all my plants outside for the summer.this post probably should have been in the cactus forum. I just hate "bugs" . one year ants took up residence. A lot of them. Since then, I get nervous bringing them inside .

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Ive started putting vaseline (petroleum jelly) round the top inch and the rims of my pots with young plants. Ants certainly dont like it, they wont walk through it, i believe it suffocates them and i cant say ive seen any other bugs in the pots. I was having a few spider mites but on advice from the good peeps here i put an alcohol rub on them. These bugs are a sod though. You have to have eyes like a hawk

Averil (UK)

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I submerge the container in a large bucket of water with a few drop of dish soap and leave it for several hours. This will drown whatever is in the pot but if there's eggs they can survive. The majority of my plants go into the greenhouse so I don't really care about critters and I've found that even when brought in the house they remain in the pots. My bigger issue is fighting mealy bugs over the winter. They are the bane of my existence when it comes to wintering plants over.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I've had fewer problems since I switched to the gritty mix. It seemed like the organics in my previous mix attracted them. When fall comes, I use an insecticide and spray the plant and the mix to kill off the bugs. I then water them thoroughly to rinse the insecticide out.

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Thanks for the info.
Is there a certain brand I should buy.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I use the local hardware stores brand of Sevin, or what ever is on sale. Bayer 3 in 1 is highly recommended by many on the forum.


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