Double Grafting

kodom087 z9aJuly 29, 2014

So, I decided to take a picture of my seedling that bloomed for the first time next to that NOID I bought last year. It gives a great comparison for the bloom size, shape, and color of them together. Also the leaves happen to be almost identical so that's a huge bonus!

I am going to be doing a double graft with them onto a single rootstock. Is this a win in your opinion? LOL


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I think this will be a great looking matchup.
Keep us posted on the results.
As I stated on FB, I really like the smaller red NOID.


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I am with you Lonnie, I like the small Noid, but it is for me, I graft some other contrast color, so they will stand out.

I like both blooms....very pretty.


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I think they would look good together, Kirk. As Marie mentions another bloom with a similar or contrasting color would make each one stand out individually, but they definitely should compliment each other.
I will depend if you have something that fits. Nice grafting trial though.

Funny, with reading your post, Kirk. When I got the Adeniums from the fella close by me (reducing his plant numbers), there are 2 or 3 that have two branches grafted in a "V" grafting. Never payed attention or thought that they might be two different forms. Will have to pay attention.
These plants I believe came from Warunee (Thailand) and she has always been very big on multiple grafts from same site of root stock.

One way look at it. You will have a plant with two wonderful blooms so you can graft using scions from both in later years. Kind of a back up of parent plants.

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kodom087 z9a

I agree another color would be good, I thought about adding my Muang Sakda but I still have not seen mine bloom and this is it's second year in my possession. It's leaves are also very similar to the other two so I think it would add a very nice contrast and compliment them perfectly.

Rick, do keep us posted to see if they do turn out to be single or double grafts. I'm always amazed at the prices on ebay for multiple grafts. I'd almost prefer single grafts for cheaper and then eventually do my own multiple grafts.


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Chaya had a few multi grafted plants. One had variegated leaves too.


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