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I currently own two Adeniums and I recently pulled the trigger on a good amount of seeds. My plan was to have the seedlings on top of a small shed that is under an overhang. This will be against a east facing wall. The seedlings will get about 4-5 hours direct sunlight in the morning. Im going to be observing it to make sure it is that much. Is that enough sun for them?

I am in San Diego where the average temps lately have been low 80s.

Thanks for the help,

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I am not an expert by any means, but I have grown several hundred seeds on the south face of my South Florida house, keeping moist daily. Had about 90% germination from my own harvested seeds.. kept moist for many weeks in good draining soil that seemed to dry out on a daily basis, so I watered daily for a long time. After they get a couple months old, they seemed to exhibit the same yellow leaf drop that adults get wen they don't have enough water. I gave most away to friends and admirers when they were about 4-6".

Good luck

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Also what are people opinions on covering with clear platic wrap to keep the moisture in?

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

That will be enough sun to get the seeds to germinate. You will definitely want to cover them with plastic until the seeds germinate. Once germinated and as they get their true leaves I slowly acclimate them to full sun. The more sun, the faster they seem to grow for me.

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That was the idea. I have a spot in full sun that I eventually want to have them in.

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