Roots rotting - I need help!!

kitnorJuly 29, 2014

We have had a lot of rain lately in FL and I have a big, red Dessert Rose which I failed to notice a line down its caudex turning soft. I have scraped it out and cleaned off all the soft down to the hard white. At his time, when I took it out of the pot, I have found the root bulb or part of the caudex below the soil line, with dark soft spots. I cut all black spots out of root bulb. It was a lot. Sprayed with fungicide and its hanging in Tool Shed to dry for a couple of days.

My questions, the caudex above ground should be sealed with water proof, wood carpenter glue. Do I also seal the part of the bulb which was covered with dirt? The part that was cut which goes in the dirt.

I've look through past messages but I can't find the post who wrote about something similar.

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Treating the above soil level tissue with the glue would be fine, but I would just make sure that all of the rot is remove and do as you are for callusing off.
Treat with a fungicide if you have one.
Pot up when cut ends dry in a slightly moistened gritty mix (not wet) and leave in a shady site for a couple weeks and do not water for atleast 1 wk.
Worked for me, but we all have different situations.

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Great advice Rick....That is exactly what I would do.
I hope it works for you Kitnor.


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This year I have lost 2 ea 10+ yr old DR to root rot... The first was one that the terminal ends of the plant branches started to go soft and rot off. I cut them back numerous times before the actual culprit showed up above the soil line. at that point the terminal ends healed and started growing. In the meantime, the caudex above soil started showing more and more signs of rot even after digging some out. It had progressed further than I had thought. Before scraping the entire plant, I cut the good stems off and planted them. They have done well so far with new growth and no signs of rot after 6 months. Cutting the good off and planting saved the DNA of a plant that had always been a prolific bloomer and was one of my firsts. I hope they continue blooming like the original.
Good luck,

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I wouldn seal it until sure is completely gone, there is always a possibility that some fungus survived and sealing it will create the perfect environment for it to multiply

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