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averil(8b)July 3, 2012

Hi there. Ive just recently come across these lovely plants. I bought 5 seeds on ebay and i got 4 out of 5 to germinate and they are doing well after removing them from prop after about 3 days. However, how soon should they be removed from the propogator?. Should they be taken out a couple of days after their heads surface or should they be left in a wee bit longer. Im just wondering if i should have left them in a bit longer and brought them on a bit more. Any advice appreciated

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I think they are pretty hardy and they seem to be tolerating what you did just fine - maybe just depends what your needs and preferences are?

I plant mine in strawberry containers and keep them on a heat mat for germination, then I leave them in that container until they grow a little / straighten up from the "swan head". Then I'll put them about 5 to a little pot and...gasp...they go outside in the sun!

I think you did just fine, especially if they're doing well - they are amazingly tolerant! Good job! Are you growing Obesum? I'm growing Obesum and Arabicum and they're both very hardy.

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Hi there elucas, Thanks for that. Im surprised you put them straight out in the sun, I was always told to introduce them to the sun very gradually after they have their proper leaves. Mines are on a windowsill at the mo and the first sign of sun i move them ha ha, I will be making them parasols next, (Just a worried first time parent). Im growing obesum at the moment. I have another little forest going in the prop at the mo and im hoping they come along dandy

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