I need help with my desert rose

dianna_2008July 9, 2014

Ihave had my desert rose for about 6 years. It's trunk isn't growing, but the top is very tall and skinney. Should I trim it back to the trunk? I have it in cactus soil. Thanks for any help.

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Hi Dianna,
I am unfamiliar to the growing conditions/climate in TN.
I would definitely prune it back quote low down. From the photo, atleast 8" - 10" above the soil level. When you prune. Prune on a 45 degree angle with bottom of angle cut 1/4"-3/8" above a node. Seal cut or leave if you do not have any sealer.
Make sure it is getting very good sunlight for 8hrs. Min.
Is this plant dormant? Has it started growing this year? I usually do not prune dormant plants.
This plant would not structurally support flowers and you may find that the caudex (base above soil) gets larger over time.
I hope this helps,

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Dianna, still plenty of time to prune, this is only July.
When you prune, your plant will be full and nice.

Good luck and please photos after prune and new leaves.


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maark23 TX/8a

Dianna, what kind of light does the plant receive?


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Thanks for all of the advice. It has full sun all day. It has been 90 degrees and above for the past month here in TN. I put it outside this time of year. It grew a lot this past winter while it was inside.

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Prune away, you will be amazed how quickly it will leaf out, and be full and bushy. These are amazing little guys.

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Everyone here is telling you right about the pruning back. I know it would be hard to prune something you've have for so long.

I would also change the soil you have in the pot. The mix I use is 75% peat moss ...20% soil conditioner ...and the last 5% is perlite. And I would either top it off with topdress fertilizer or with osmocote. Not both at the same time.

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kodom087 z9a

Yep. Best advice from everyone. Cut it back and watch it bush out.


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