Learning to graft

len76(Frazer Coast. Qld.)July 25, 2013

Hi, New to forum and I am trying to teach myself to graft. Could someone tell me what is the earlyest and the best stage of growth to attempt grafting. At present my plants are just starting to sprout new growth. Is this too soon or should I be more patient. The temp. here is from 10 to 25c at present. Have been growing DR for 5 years and have some 200 plants.

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Welcome to the forum.
Please show us some pictures. To see how young they are.

I just did about 50 + grafts last Tuesday and waiting to get results.

Many people do many ways of graft and each way work for each of us.

If you search adenium grafting in this forum, you will find plenty of info.


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kodom087 z9a

Good luck on your grafting, Len. Keep us posted.

Wow! 50+ grafts, Marie? If anyone can have great results its you. I plan on doing some grafting when I get back home in about a week or so.


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Marie: what do use for the base (?) plant? Always the same kind? How old appr. should it be.
Would the new grafted DR live if it were to be grafted onto a grafted branch? Just curious.

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Otis, these are my 2-3 years old from seeds. I also did one big 10 years old. I will post pictures soon.
I used most of the scions belongs from my other plants. I only pick the ones with beautiful bloom, heavy blooming, and not drooping.

I have to learn to resize the pictures before I post, because I don't have enough bandwidth, and the pictures disappear soon after.


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