Quandry about flower buds dropping off?

rcharles_gwJuly 29, 2013

Wondering if anyone has experienced a similar occurrence with one of their Adeniums.
I have a Triple flower Adenium that last year produced a few buds which got to an 1/2" and dropped off.
This year it has produced many buds, now at different stages of development and 2 of the largest (1 1/2" long) looking ready to unfurl, have just dropped off.
Not sure what to think and hope for some ideas.

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Rick, that is common with DR. I had one that produced many buds, but for 2-years without one fully open.

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Thanks Marie. I appreciate your help. Plant looks very healthy and growing amazingly.

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Hello Rick,
I have had this problem too, but only with grafted plants. This makes me wonder if it is due to some incompatibility with the rootstock.

Brian UK.

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