Will it get roots?

Betty LevarJuly 26, 2012

I ordered a Desert Rose from Ebay not sure now who the seller was. It arrived in August 2011. It never grew just sat there until about a month ago. I was happy to finally see a little green nub appear and then a tiny leaf growing and that was about it so I thought there was hope. Today when I looked at it the tiny leaf dried up. I unpotted it and the whole bottom was soft and rotten. I cut it off and placed it aside. Since there are no roots is there any point of keeping it. Will it get roots? It wasn't overwatered as the soil was very dry. I don't know what I did wrong.

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Oh Betty, I am so sorry for your bad experience. You didn't do anything wrong, as a desert rose grower myself, sometimes you don't know what went wrong until the root get rotten.

Dry it out for few days and pot it again. Good luck.

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I sometimes root the stems I prune. This year I'd say that about 50% rooted and it takes quite a while. Keep in mind that a cutting will never develop an enlarged caudex but you will still get blooms. Allow the cut end to dry before potting up your cutting. Good luck

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